The Construction Of The Eyes Is Based On A Sperm Penetrating An Egg

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According to modern science, most higher forms of life begin when a sperm fertilizes an egg. This picture shows a single sperm just touching the surface of an egg.

A sperm consists of a spherical or elliptical main body

with a long, thin, approximately conical tail trailing out behind it.

An egg has an approximately spherical shape.

According to Happeh Theory, all living things can be treated as if they are constructed from eggs and sperms. Or more properly, from egg shapes and sperm shapes. This post focuses on a the eyes of a human being to prove that point. The following picture shows a cutaway view of a human head.

The eyes are the two spherical objects at the front.

This picture is a large drawing of a sperm.

The next picture shows the large sperm rotated until it is horizontal,

Two copies of the horizontal sperm are superimposed on the human skull cutaway picture so the head of each sperm is aligned with each eye and each sperm is parallel to the side of the skull.

The eyes of a human being look like a sperm as highlighted in the next picture.

The resemblance between the eyes of a human being and the sperm corroborate the claim by Happeh Theory that all living things are created from sperm shapes and egg shapes.

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