The Construction Of Sea Anemones Is Based On A Sperm Penetrating An Egg

According to modern science, most higher forms of life begin when a sperm fertilizes an egg. This picture shows a single sperm just touching the surface of an egg.

A sperm consists of a spherical or elliptical main body

with a long, thin, approximately conical tail trailing out behind it.

An egg has an approximately spherical shape.

According to Happeh Theory, all living things can be treated as if they are constructed from eggs and sperms. Or more properly, from egg shapes and sperm shapes. This post focuses on a creature called a Sea Anemone to prove that point. The following picture shows an example Sea Anemone.

A Sea Anemone consists of a main base of approximately cylindrical shape,

with a large number of tendrils reaching out from the base.

The next picture compares an egg with multiple sperms attempting to penetrate it to the Sea Anemone.

A Sea Anemone looks like it could be described as a large number of sperm shaped objects bunched together. The heads of all of the sperm objects are the main body of the Sea Anemone, while the tails of each sperm object are the tendrils of the Sea Anemone.

That construction can be shown more clearly using a flat type of Sea Anemone like this one.

This picture contains a large drawing of a sperm.

The next picture shows seventeen of those single sperm objects arranged in a radial pattern with the heads pointing towards the center and the tails pointing out from the center.

And this picture compares the flat Sea Anemone to the object created from individual sperms.

Next is a close up picture of the tendrils of a Sea Anemone.

The tendrils of a Sea Anemone also have a sperm shape. The top of each tendril is approximately spherical like the top of a sperm,

And there is a comparatively long, cylindrically shaped tail trailing underneath the head.

Every picture in this blog post confirms that Sea Anemones look like a collection of sperm shaped objects bunched together, which supports the claim by Happeh Theory that all living creatures are constructed from egg and sperm shapes.

Here are some additional Sea Anemone images to peruse.


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