The Construction Of Mouse Brain Cells Is Based On A Sperm Penetrating An Egg

According to modern science, most higher forms of life begin when a sperm fertilizes an egg. This picture shows a single sperm just touching the surface of an egg.

A sperm consists of a spherical or elliptical main body

with a long, thin, approximately conical tail trailing out behind it.

An egg has an approximately spherical shape.

According to Happeh Theory, all living things can be treated as if they are constructed from eggs and sperms. Or more properly, from egg shapes and sperm shapes. This post focuses on a the brain cells of a mouse to prove that point. The following picture shows a cluster of mouse brain cells.

The next picture is a large drawing of a sperm.

If the sperm in the picture above is flipped upside down and compared to the mouse brain cell picture,

the resemblance to the brain cells of the mouse are clear.

The resemblance between the mouse brain cells and the sperm corroborate the claim by Happeh Theory that all living things are created from sperm shapes and egg shapes.

The reason why is function. The shape of a sperm and the shape of an egg can both perform every imaginable function associated with a living creature’s body.┬áThe spherical shape of an egg can hold things within itself, while the sphere-with-a-tail shape of a sperm is useful for ejecting whatever might be held within the spherical head of the sperm.

In the case of the mouse brain cells, the main body of the cell “holds” the electrical charges associated with brain cells. Those electrical charges would be “ejected” out through the “tail” of the brain cell.

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