The Daily Insight 5-23-11 – Gesture Insults Mimic Real Life Body Changes Part 02

A previous blog entry showcased an image of a man making the insulting hand gesture shown in the picture.

It was claimed the hand gesture was duplicating the involuntary motions of someone whose body was changed in a particular. The point of the insult is to say “I know your body is changed or damaged in such a way that you cannot stop yourself from making this hand gesture I am making. And we all know those body changes are accompanied by negative mental changes that you exhibit”.

The previous blog entry compared the picture of the insult gesture above to the man in the next picture who is making a similar gesture.

The previous blog entry labored to show the body of the man in the picture immediately above was changed in the way the insult gesture in the first picture was meant to mock. That discussion required the reader to visualize various similarities between the two men.

People who do not want to visualize things or have trouble visualizing things probably did not get much out of the previous blog entry. This blog entry should be more helpful to those readers because it includes a picture of a man involuntarily making the exact insulting gesture being performed by the man in the picture immediately above.

First that picture needs to be reversed to help with the comparison.

The next picture shows a man unconsciously making the exact same gesture the man above is making purposefully as an insult.

The next picture compares the voluntary and involuntary hand gestures directly next to each other.

All the man on the bottom of the comparison picture unconsciously making the hand gesture has to do to be an exact duplicate of the conscious insulting gesture of the man above, is point his thumb at his nose.

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