The Spiral View Of The Human Body Example Image 05

The human body behaves as if it is constructed entirely of spirals. The purpose of this series of blog entries is to help the reader see where those spirals are located.

Here is the example image for this blog entry.


The picture shows a woman posing on her hands and knees in a way that shows off her buttocks.

¬†Like the picture of a woman’s buttocks in the previous post in this series, the buttocks look the way they do because of a spiral that travels through them. The path of that spiral is highlighted in the following picture.

A comparison picture can be more helpful because the lines on the previous image obscure the body.

A reader wrote in and asked “Why did you draw a penis on that woman’s body?”.

I did not even realize that is what the lines looked like until he wrote in and mentioned it. I thought that was an intriguing observation, especially when another section of the this website is titled “You Are A Big Penis”, with the “You” in that sentence meaning “the human body you inhabit”.


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