Apr 172011

In one of the more notable changes to Happeh Theory over the years, Analytical Thought is being added to the list of activities associated with the changes to the body described by Happeh Theory. The already long established list of causes was:


Excessive Sex


Excessive Exercise

Injection of Drugs

Snorting of Drugs



Why is Analytical Thought being added to the list of activities associated with Happeh Theory symptoms after almost 8 years? Was some mistake made or was something overlooked?

No mistakes were made, nor was anything overlooked. Analytical Thought is being added to the list for a couple of reasons.

(1) – Many people cannot deal with the stress associated with the original list of activities.

Time has shown that some individuals cannot handle the fact that other human beings know their body, mind, or emotions, have been changed by Masturbation, Excessive Sex, or one of the other activities on the original list. These people need something to hide behind so they do not make themselves sick.

Individuals who are embarrassed or shamed by the idea that other people can tell the changes in their body are caused by Masturbation or Drug Use, can tell themselves and anyone who will agree to believe them, that their body was really changed by their propensity for Analytic Thought.

(2) – Analytic Thought was originally slated to be included in a subsection of Happeh Theory.

The original plan for Analytic Thought caused Happeh Theory symptoms was to put them in the Plots By Evil subsection. Because of how much time it is taking to get Happeh Theory organized and published, and because the creator of Happeh Theory is very cautious about how the Plots By Evil section is going to be formulated and worded, it was decided that Analytic Thought should be added to the main list of activities now, to get that information to the public immediately.

It is also not accurate and correct to say that Analytic Thought caused Happeh Theory symptoms are only the result of a Plot By Evil. For that reason alone Analytic Thought belongs on the main list.

(3) – Happeh Theory symptoms in a body changed by Analytic Thought can be discussed publicly.

It is very difficult to discuss Happeh Theory because the majority of the material is sex related. Almost all venues will censor sexual material, even if it is of a medical or educational nature.

By using an example of a human body changed by Analytical Thought, all of Happeh Theory can be transmitted to almost any audience imaginable. Then, when it is mentioned there are also other activities such as masturbation that cause exactly the same body changes, people who can tolerate or do not mind frank sexual discussion can learn about that material, while those who do not want to be in the vicinity of frank sexual discussion can remove themselves.

(4) – Analytic Thought really is associated with Happeh Theory symptoms.

Analytic Thought on it’s own can produce Happeh Theory symptoms. Examples of these cases have been so rare that it was not felt Analytic Thought should be classed on the same level as something like Masturbation, which is a universal activity that always causes Happeh Theory symptoms.

Regardless of their rarity, since Analytic Thought by itself can produce Happeh Theory symptoms, scientific accuracy demands that it be included on the main list.

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