Man Strolling With Woman – Energy Analysis 02

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can affect other living creatures. This series of blog entries comments on what the energy of the human beings in the current example picture is doing. The example picture for this blog entry shows a man and woman out for a stroll.

 Why is the right hand of the woman in the picture raised up? 

 The obvious answer is that she is pointing at something. In the context of the picture it would seem that the woman wants to direct the attention of the man towards something she finds interesting.

That explanation makes no sense though, because the man’s head is turned to his left and looking in a completely different direction from the one the woman is pointing towards. 

 It is impossible for the man to see whatever it has been assumed she is interested in and pointing towards.

If it is physically impossible for the woman to be pointing out something of interest to the man, then what other reason could there be for the woman to raise her arm?

It was previously stated one of the properties of human energy is that it can affect other living creatures. The woman has raised her right arm as a response to what the energy of the man is doing.

When the man turns his head to the left,

 his right arm also raises up slightly.

 The woman’s right arm raised upwards because it followed the energy signals from the man’s body that raised his right arm up.  



  1. maybe the woman is pointing and s
    he wants the man to see but he is distracted and more interested in looking at his own interest. but the photo is only one moment in time and any number of things could have happens next. I think the whole interpretation is made with no context. it may be true or it may not. I’m pretty sure she’s looking at something in that direction that she at least finds interesting

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