The Daily Insight 4-4-11 – OboSuchi

The picture below shows a man looking off to his left.

Human beings have what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with their body. The energy of the man in the picture above gives a particular impression to those who can see it. Because energy is invisible and because it takes experience to see the physical signs that accompany manifestations of energy of the human body, there will be those people who cannot tell what the energy of the man is doing or what it looks like.

The picture below of a character from a cartoon might be of some help to those people.

The cartoon character has an oddly shaped hat,

that points to the right of his body.

Here is the picture of the real life example man again.

The man’s head is rotated far over to his left.

Demonstrating how the cartoon character can be used to help see what the real life human being’s energy is doing will begin with a comparison picture of the two.

The image of the human being is then moved to the right,

until his body isĀ  approximately aligned vertically with the body of the cartoon character.

The hat of the cartoon character is then superimposed on the head of the real man at approximately the same orientation as the hat on the cartoon character.

Doesn’t the hat look like it belongs on the man’s head when it is placed at that particular angle?

That is because the angle of the hat mostly matches the angle of the head.

So if you can’t see or get an impression of the energy of the man in the picture, try looking at the comparison picture below and maybe something will come to you.

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