Woman Being Interviewed – Energy Analysis 017

According to Happeh Theory, human beings have energy. The energy associated with the human body is invisible, it can travel across distances, and it can affect other human beings. It is also possible for the energy of one human body to be transferred to another human body. This can take place voluntarily or involuntarily.

(1) Voluntary transfer of human energy would usually take place in the context of a caring relationship between individuals, or in a medical setting for healing purposes.

(2) – Involuntary transfer of human energy is ALWAYS a negative act that is designed to harm the human being whose energy is being lost. Involuntary transfer of human energy will almost always fall into the category of energy sucking. Energy sucking is performed by evil human beings to increase their energy by taking the energy of other human beings. The human being whose energy is sucked will suffer from lethargy or health problems as a direct result of being energy sucked.

Involuntary transfer of energy involving one human being forcing their energy on another human being can take place. Forcing energy on another human being is done by evil human beings to cause harm. The goal can be the infliction of health problems, causing death, or gaining control of another human being through their fear of having a health problem or death energetically inflicted on them.

It is also possible to control and manipulate the actions of a human being by the application of energy or by the manipulation of the targets energy. That is what is happening in the following picture.

The picture shows a woman and two men. What is it about the picture that tells the knowledgeable individual that energy control is taking place?

One of the men is standing almost directly behind the woman.

In most cases of energy control the human being who is doing the controlling will stand behind and to one side of the human being who is being controlled. Which side of the target human being the controlling human being stands on depends on the characteristics of the energy body of the target human being.

Look at the man’s right eye. It looks like it is almost closed.

Why would the man’s eye be closed? He is in some sort of public setting with people looking at him while the woman in front of him is being interviewed. It would seem like the man would be wide eyed and attentive because of all of the attention and cameras on him. Yet he looks like he is going to sleep and his eyes are closed.

Closed eyes are a sign of energy controlling in situations like this. The man’s eyes are closed because he is mentally concentrating on his energy connection with the woman. There is not enough of his attention left to keep his eyes open.

The next picture highlights how the man’s mouth is hanging slightly open.

The man’s mouth is open for the same reason his eye is closed. Because his attention is on his energy connection with the woman, he does not have enough attention left to close his mouth. His mouth hangs open because he is not paying attention to it.

It is also worth noting the look of the open mouth. The man almost looks like he is experiencing sexual pleasure or maybe drug induced pleasure. Why? Does it seem believable he is on drugs in this situation? Is he having sex that we can see in the picture? Then why is he grinning like he is sexually pleasured?

Because a sexual pleasure type grin is also associated with energy sucking. Energy manipulation puts the manipulator in a state of….bliss. The grin on the man’s face could be described as a blissful grin.

The other clues in the picture that the man is energy manipulating the woman come from the woman’s posture. The woman’s right hand is held up in the air in a fist.

Why is the woman holding her right hand up in a fist? It is not necessary to hold the right hand up in the air in a fist to talk……

The woman is holding her right hand up in the air and closed into a fist for the same reason her head is tilted to her left.

Why is the woman’s head tilted to her left? There is nothing obscuring her vision that she has to move her head to look around. Why is she tilting her head?

Because the woman’s physical body has changed in such a way that the head of her energy body has moved to the right side of her body, instead of being centered on her physical body as it should be. The woman’s energy head should be directly superimposed over her physical head as represented by the red outline in the following picture.

But her energy body head is actually to the right side of her physical head.

It is almost as if the head of the woman’s energy body has pushed the woman’s physical head out of the way until her physical head had to tilt to her left.

Now for the most intriguing part of this discussion. If you look at the man directly behind her who is energy manipulating her, his head is tilted to his right.

which coincidentally aligns the physical head of the energy manipulating man,

with the energy body head of the woman being manipulated.

That is not a coincidence. An energy manipulator or an energy sucker can suck or manipulate the energy of a target human being most effectively by aligning themselves with or standing directly on the spot where the energy of the target is focused.

That is why the other man is also on the right side of the woman. He is helping the other man who is behind the right side of the woman to control her.

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