The Daily Insight 3-13-11 – One Eyed Blindness And Evil

According to Happeh Theory, Masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other physical changes and health problems to the body. There are other activities that will produce some or all of the same physical changes and health problems that Masturbation does. Those activities include Excessive Exercise, Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, Injection of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, and Anorexia.

The blindness caused by Masturbation and those other activities could be described as “One Eyed” blindness. While both eyes will undergo a degradation of visual ability, one of the eyes will be much more severely affected than the other eye. The factors causing severe blindness in the one eye are so strong they also change the physical appearance of the face surrounding the eye.

The next picture shows a character from a Japanese “Anime”, which is the Japanese word for “cartoon”.

How many eyes does the man have? Like any other human being he has two eyes. Or does he? There is a monocle covering his left eye. That means the accurate answer to the question “How many eyes does the man have” is really “one”. Although he does have two eyes, only one of them is visible.

The picture of the cartoon character fits the definition of “One Eyed Blind”. According to what has been said previously, it would seem the the cartoon character must be a man who Masturbated Excessively, engaged in Excessive Sex, was a Homosexual man, Injected Drugs, Snorted Drugs, or was an Anorexic.

Because the character is from a cartoon for children, it seems unlikely any of the sexual reasons would be the cause of the man’s one eyed blindness. That would remove Homosexuality, Excessive Sex, and Excessive Masturbation from the list of causes for the cartoon character’s One Eyed Blindness.

The cartoon did not portray the character as Anorexic, nor was there any indication the character used Injectable or Snorting drugs. That exhausts the list of possible causes of One Eyed Blindness that have been mentioned in this blog entry.

If none of the previously stated reasons explains the cause of the cartoon character’s One Eyed Blindness, what could be the reason for drawing the character with One Eyed Blindness? Was it just a design decision? Someone thought the character looked appealing with only one visible eye and that is the only reason the character has one visible eye? Or was there some other more meaningful reason?

It is common sense that the life experiences of any human being creating anything would affect the finished creation. The cartoon portrayed the character as an evil man doing evil things. Therefore it seems reasonable to believe that in the life experience of the creators of the cartoon, evil people are One Eyed Blind.

According to Happeh Theory that is exactly the case. Evil people do display the same One Eyed Blindness associated with Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, Injecting of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, and Anorexia. Evil people also display the other bodily changes that Happeh Theory claims are caused by Masturbation, etc.

The reason why the body of an evil human being will change in the same way the body of a masturbator will  change, is that both activities act on the same part of the body in a similar way. Both masturbation and the state of being known as evil, are associated with a shrinking and tightening of one side of the body. The shrinking force is so strong that it will blind the eye on the side of the body that shrinks.

The next picture shows the cartoon character in a state of excitement. When an evil person or a masturbator, etc. becomes excited, the changes those activities have created in their body are exacerbated, which makes them easier to see.

Because the character’s left eye is the blind eye, it seems obvious that it must be the left side of the character’s body that has been shrunken by evil. That preliminary conclusion is supported by the fact the left side of the character’s mouth in his current excited state has been pulled open wider than the right side of his mouth,

and there is a gap in his teeth on the left side of the mouth.

The shrinkage of the body caused by masturbation or evil is so strong that it can affect the teeth. The teeth will either grow crooked, become diseased in some way which causes them to fall out, or some physical act will occur that will knock out the affected teeth.

The mouth opens wider on the left side because the shrinkage of the left side of the body pulls the upper left lip upwards

and the left lower lip downwards.

The way in which the mouth has been described as opening should make the alert reader wonder. If the shrinkage of the left side of the body pulls the left side of the mouth open wider, how come the left eye is closed and blind? Shouldn’t the the top of the left eye get pulled upwards,

and the bottom of the left eye get pulled downwards,

which would make the the left eye open wider like the left side of the mouth has opened wider?

Actually the shrinkage of the left side of the body did make the left eye bigger. The left eye only looks closed because of the monocle. Since the monocle is being treated as if it is the left eye, it can be used as an approximation of the size of the left eye. The monocle has a much larger diameter than the right eye as highlighted in the next picture.

Further support for the claim the left eye has opened wider are the lines around the outside of the left eye. The spacing between the lines indicate a left eye diameter that is much larger then the diameter of the right eye.

The large left eye and the open left side of the mouth both support the conclusion that evil will shrink one side of the body, or perhaps the left side of the body exclusively, in the same way that Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, Injection of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, and Anorexia shrink one half of the human body.

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