Excessive Exercise Example 10

The example picture shows a woman dancing.

The woman’s body has been changed by Excessive Exercise in the way described by Happeh Theory. Some of those physical changes include the way the right arm is moving upwards

and across her body.

Excessive Exercise has changed her body so her mouth opens in a particular way.

One of the main changes that Happeh Theory claims masturbation will cause to a human body is to make it go blind in one eye. The woman looks like she only has one eye.

The hat on the woman’s head is angled downwards to her right.

The sideways tilting of the hat is indicative of the masturbation caused changes to the head that are called “Gumby Head” by Happeh Theory. A human being has “Gumby Head” when masturbation changes the shape of their head so it slopes from low on one side to high on the other side, like the head of the children’s cartoon character Gumby.

All of the previously listed changes, the position of the arm, the open mouth, only one visible eye, and the tilting of the woman’s hat, are all due to masturbation caused shrinkage of the right side of her body. The masturbation caused shrinkage occurs along the circular path indicated in the next picture.

Another way to envision why the woman’s body is posed the way it is, is to notice that the woman is rotating to her left.

Knowledge of how the human body is constructed at a deep level will explain why the leftward rotation of her body is connected with each of other previously listed changes to her body.


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