Excessive Exercise Example 09

This example of Excessive Exercise caused changes to the body is a professional soccer player.

One of the common changes that is associated with Excessive Exercise according to Happeh Theory, is that the tongue will be forced out of the individuals mouth.

The tongue is literally forced out of the mouth by the changes that Excessive Exercise have made in the body. The man is not sticking his tongue out because he is mentally choosing to do so.

Another change to the body that is associated with the tongue being forced out of the mouth, is that one side of the head will shrink smaller than the other side of the head. The line in the next picture divides the head into the shrunken and smaller right side of the face and the larger more normal sized left side of the face.

It almost seems like because the side of the head shrank smaller, there is not enough room in the mouth for the tongue, so the tongue is forced to stick out of the mouth.

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