Excessive Exercise Example 06

The man in the picture above shows many of the signs that, according to Happeh Theory, are caused by masturbation.

His right shoulder is lower than his left shoulder.

The right eye appears larger than the left eye.

The man’s entire body appears to lean to his right.

The man’s body is also twisted or curved to his right as shown below.

One side of his torso looks relatively normal and straight, while the other side looks smaller and curved.

It is especially worthwhile to note the difference in the shoulders and the way they are connected to the body. The left shoulder connection seems fairly straight. The right shoulder connection looks more angled as shown in the next picture.

Allowing for the fact that the man is standing in a lopsided position, the right shoulder joint connection still looks to be angled more outwards than it the left side.

( Study of this simple differnce, the angle of the shoulder joint lines, and pondering what could be causing the difference and how the rest of the body is involved will could give you an understanding of how the body works at a deep level ).

All of the pictures above showed symptoms that, According to Happeh Theory, mean that this man’s body is damaged by masturbation.

That conclusion is not necessarily true.

This man’s body may be affected by masturbation at some level. What is a known fact though, is that this man is involved in the martial arts. This man was a movie star and performed in martial arts movies. It would be reasonable to assume that he would have been involved in a lot of practice for his martial arts on his own and for his roles in the movies.

This man is an example of how a person who engages in too much excessive physical exercise can develop similar symptoms to a person who masturbates too much.

This example is also a caution to people who are learning Happeh Theory to be careful before jumping to conclusions. It would be embarrassing for you and hurtful for the other person if you stated that their body was damaged by masturbation, when in fact it was damaged by excessive physical exercise.


  1. just like a person can momentarily look like he’s affected by masturbation by leaning a bit on one side, many chronic masturbators disguise their condition by exerting a little bit more of effort on the other side of the body, so to give a symmetrical appearence. But funnily enough, chronic masturbators of a higher level achieve symmetrical development of body muscles as they have to masturbate with one hand and then with the other. That further disgueses the disease, one simply cannot assume that the lack of typical masturbator appearence is a sign of someone being non-auto-homosexual, in fact visible signs of asymmetrical development are more likely to show on only mild masturbators, not on the most compulsive ones.

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