Excessive Exercise Example 05

The man in the picture above is a professional fighter.

Please watch the following video to get a feel for what will be said next.

This video shows a man who is a professional fighter. A professional fighter would naturally be involved in lots of physical activity. According to Happeh Theory, it is likely that this man would develop some of the damage to the body described by Happeh Theory because he exercises too much. The video proves that the body of the man is affected in ways that can be explained by Happeh Theory.

The man is talking about something inconsequential in the video. When the video begins, the man is clear eyed and looking straight into the camera.

At approximately the 9 second mark on the video, the man’s left eye is closed. The man is not closing his eye by conscious choice. His eye closes as an involuntary reaction while he is speaking.

A bad eye is one of the main symptoms of excessive masturbation according to Happeh Theory. A person who saw the picture above with one bad eye might jump to the conclusion that this man’s body is damaged by excessive masturbation.

It is much more likely that this man’s left eye has closed due to excessive physical exercise because he is a professional fighter.

When examining a picture like this to make a determination on the cause of the left eye closing, another factor that pushes the answer towards excessive physical exercise and away from excessive masturbation is the condition of the man’s head. The man’s head is mostly rounded looking and also strong and muscular looking.

The strength exhibited by the man’s head would be another factor in pushing the likely cause for his left eye being closed over to the category of excessive physical exercise, rather than excessive masturbation.


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