Excessive Exercise Example 03

The man in the picture above is a professional fighter A professional fighter would of course be physically training for his career all the time.

This person shows signs described by Happeh Theory. The right side of his head is shorter than the left side of his head.

His entire head is tilted to the right.

His mouth is uneven. The right side of his mouth is closed more than the left side of his mouth.

Each one of these signs that are described by Happeh Theory lead to the conclusion that the entire right side of this man’s body is shorter than the left side of his body.

A person who has read about Happeh Theory might reach the conclusion that this man has symptoms of Excessive Masturbation. Because we know he is a professional fighter, we instead attribute the signs to Excessive Physical Exercise.

The changes to the body are not only surface or visible changes to the body. The changes to the body will include the internal parts of the body, as well as the eyes, ears etc.

Please examine the man’s teeth in the picture below

There is very little of the teeth showing in this picture. What can be seen makes the teeth look uneven. The teeth are uneven. This man’s teeth have been changed by the shortening of the right side of his body. Many of his teeth on the right side of his mouth will be twisted or tilted out of a straight vertical alignment.

The next picture has an arrow pointing at the teeth.

The arrow is pointing at a visible gap between the teeth. This gap is the dividing line between the shortened right side of the man’s body and his taller left side of the body.

The video clip below is a short scene of this man talking about a fight. Please listen to what he has to say.

If you listen carefully to the man, he speaks with a slight lisp. The man lisps because the shortening of the right side of his body has affected his tongue. His tongue and the shape of his mouth have been changed so that he cannot speak without lisping.

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