Excessive Exercise Example 02

This is a comparative picture of two professional fighters. The man in the left displays some of the signs that, according to Happeh Theory, are due to masturbation.

The left side of the mans head is not evenly lit. Part of the left side of the face looks shrunken.

The differences in the shape of the right and left side of the face are highlighted in the next picture.

The right side of his face looks full, well rounded. The left side of the face has a lumpy irregular shape.

The shoulders are not exactly even as shown in the next picture.

While the difference in the height of the shoulders is small, there is a difference.


Even though this man shows signs of masturbation damage to the body according to Happeh Theory, one side of the face is misshapen and dark, and the shoulders are not level, the changes to his body are not caused by masturbation.

This conclusion is based on the fact that he is a professional fighter. A professional fighter would spend hours each day practicing.

For the insatiably curious, it will benefit you to note the difference in the way the right and left hands are held. The left hand is higher than the right hand.

Recall that the left shoulder is higher than the right shoulder. The higher left hand matches to the higher left shoulder, while the lower right hand matches to the lower right shoulder.

That is not a coincidence. That is another piece of information that you can use to determine how the human body is constructed and functions. If you are truly a detail oriented person, you will also want to note what is shown in the next picture.

The trapezius muscle on the right side is relatively straight, while the trapezius muscle on the left side looks curved. A synopsis of the information provided so far is:

Open right side of face – low right shoulder, low right hand, straight trapezius

Closed or misshapen left side of face – high left shoulder, high left hand, curved trapezius


You will benefit greatly by comparing the man above and the observations made about him to the man on the right in the picture.

The body of the man on the right is not changed too greatly from the way a human body should properly look. It should help the reader’s comprehension of the differences between a healthy and a damaged body if they examine and compare the relatively proper looking man on the right to the man whose body is changed on the left

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