Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 07

This example of Anorexia Dent is good, because the large hips of the woman make the Anorexia Dent easier to see. The example is not so good because the purposeful walk and posing of the woman is hiding some of the other changes her body would exhibit if she was standing naturally and relaxed.

The arms are really the only other major change that can be seen with this example. The left arm is bent and resting on the hip in a normal and strong looking way.

The right arm of the woman is extended outwards.

The arm is extended partly because it is part of her purposeful walk. The right arm still shows signs of being changed by the Anorexia Dent on the right side of her body. One of those signs is the holding of the hand. Why is the hand held with the fingers clutched, instead of being held open and relaxed, or possibly being held in a fist?

In a normal case of Anorexia Dent, the left leg will be lifted upwards, extend outwards, or rotate outward. Because the woman is walking purposefully in a fashion show, her legs do not exhibit their natural look

The appearance and location of the shoulder will change on the same side of the body as the Anorexia Dent. Part of the look of the shoulders is due to the bent arm on the left side and the extended arm on the right side. The right shoulder looks slightly different from the left shoulder in addition to the difference caused by the different arm positions.

The shrinkage of the side of the torso that causes Anorexia Dent extends up into the head. Because the woman is walking purposefully, her head does not exhibit it’s natural tendencies.

The very sharp eyed might be able to see the very slight size difference between the two halves of the face. The right side of the face has a very slightly different shape and size than the left side of the face.

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