Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 06

This example of Anorexia Dent links the effects of Anorexia on the human body to the effects of masturbation on the human body. The woman has her hand in her pants as if she is masturbating,

and she is also has an Anorexia Dent on the right side of her body,

which is the same side of the body as the right hand she is using to masturbate with.

Anorexia Dent can be envisioned as being caused by shrinkage of the entire body towards a particular spot that is located below the ribcage and above the pelvis, as well as inwards from the side of the torso towards the belly button.

The strength of the shrinkage force exerted on the body by the spot weakens with distance. That means in this example the right side of the body will be affected more strongly than the left side of the body.

The shrinking force exerted by the Right Side Anorexia Dent has pulled the woman’s right leg upwards as expected.

The right arm which should look as if it is being pulled down though,

only looks a little bit like it has been pulled down low because the right hand is in the woman’s crotch. 

The right arm gives more of an impression of being raised upwards because of the raising up of the right shoulder.

The reason for the discrepancy between the usual and expected lowering of the arm and it’s actual impression of raising upwards is because the woman appears to be masturbating. Her right arm has to move upwards to put the right hand in in her crotch.

If the woman’s right arm did not have to raise upwards to put the right hand in her crotch, her right shoulder and her right arm would have more of the expected “shrinking downwards” look the right arm of the woman with Right Side Anorexia Dent in the next picture does. 

The following picture compares the two woman with Right Side Anorexia Dents.

The comparison picture makes it easier to see why the woman in the bikini does not have the expected lower right shoulder and lower right arm associated with a Right Side Anorexia Dent like the woman in the dress does. The markings in the following picture highlight the lower right shoulder and right hand of the woman in the dress.

The mark on the next picture is where the bikini woman’s right hand would be hanging if she did not have her right hand in her crotch.

But since she moved her right hand upwards to put in in her crotch,

her right shoulder had to move upwards too.

The shrinkage of the right side of the body and the upwards lifting of the right leg means the example woman must plant her left leg on the ground to support her body.

That right side body shrinkage also affects the right side of the head. The shrinkage of the right side of the woman’s head causes it to rotate to her left as highlighted in the next picture. 


  1. This is ridiculous. Just SILLY.
    Both pictures arent scaled equally. And that huge factor aside, every body is different, lengths and angles, poses..
    I dont get what youre trying to prove, this must have been made by a large person.

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