Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 04

This picture shows an extreme case of Anorexia Dent caused bodily distortion.

 The right side of the woman’s torso displays a severe case of Anorexia Dent.

The first reaction of many individual’s to the claim that the distortion of the woman’s body is influenced by Anorexia Dent is disagreement. These individuals feel that the woman has purposefully assumed the pose in the picture on purpose, and that is the one and only factor influencing the appearance of her body. 

It is true that the woman has distorted her body in the way that it is on purpose. She put herself in that pose for the photograph, or the photographer asked her to assume that pose for the shot.

That does not change the fact that the exact final posture her body is affected by the forces exerted on her body by the Anorexia Dent.

In most cases of Anorexia Dent, the weight of the body will be put on the leg on the same side of the body as the Anorexia Dent, while the leg opposite on the opposite side of the body tend to lift upward, extend outwards, or rotate outwards. Although only a small part of the legs can be seen in the picture, the woman is putting her weight on her right leg, the leg on the same side of the body as the Anorexia Dent,

and the left leg, the leg on the opposite side of the Anorexia Dent, is lifted upwards and stretched outwards.

Anorexia Dent will cause the atrophy of the arm on the same side of the body. The exact way the woman’s right arm is laying right next to her body, and the exact way the right hand is held against the body are both the result of shrinkage caused by the woman’s Right Side Anorexia Dent.

That shrinkage of the right arm includes the right shoulder. The shrinkage of the right shoulder and the affects that shrinkage has on the parts of the body that locate the shoulder make it look like the woman has no right shoulder in the picture.

The shrinkage of of the body caused by Anorexia Dent also affects the same side of the head. In this case the shrinkage of the head makes the woman’s head feel more comfortable if it is rotated to her left. 

Since Anorexia Dent shrinks every other part of the same side of the body, it should not be a surprise to learn that the breast on the same side of the body will also be affected. The area of the Anorexia Dent affected right chest that the right breast sits on looks different,

than the same area on the left chest that the left breast sits on.

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