Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 02

The example picture above shows an example of a severe case of “Anorexia Dent”. The right side of the woman’s torso is extremely dented.

The forces within her body that have pulled the right side of her torso to cause an Anorexia Dent, also pull her right leg up towards the same area.

The pulling force emanating from the area of the Anorexia Dent also pulls the right arm towards it.

That force pulls the right arm behind the body, leaving only the right shoulder visible.

It could be argued the reason the woman’s right arm is behind her body is because of the surfboard.

“The photographer told her to hold the surfboard on her right side, so of course her right arm is hidden behind the body as it holds the board”, is how the argument might be phrased.

It is true the woman’s right arm is behind her back because it is holding the surfboard. It is the position of the author that the woman is holding the surfboard because the photographer can also tell she has an atrophied right arm. The photographer instructed her to hold the surfboard on her right side with the right arm behind the back to both hide the atrophied right arm, and because her body Anorexia Dent affected right arm naturally wants to move behind the body. 

The same pulling force from the Anorexia Dent that pulls the right leg upwards,

also pulls the head down and out to the right,

which in turn causes her head and face to rotate towards the left. 

The outward angle of the left arm,

corroborates the claim that the Anorexia Dent is pulling the the right side of the body towards it,

because if the Right Side Anorexia Dent is pulling the right side towards itself, that pulling force would have to be anchored or emanating from the left side of the body.

and the natural extension of that force from the side of the body would be towards the left arm outwards.

The final corroborative observations that confirm the Right Side Anorexia Dent Pulling Force is anchored on the left side of the body is the fact that the woman’s left leg is firmly braced on the ground,

and  the entire left side of her body is curved in a way that channels that bracing force from the left leg all the way up to her head.

All of the woman’s body inside of the two yellow lines is hardened and bracing the remainder of her body against the pulling force of the Right Side Anorexia Dent, as well as supporting her unbalanced body in the lone left leg.


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