Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 03

This example of Anorexia Dent is especially useful because the close up nature of the picture allows more of the details of the torso to be seen.

The Anorexia Dent is obviously on the  right side body.

The close up picture clearly shows the curve of the left side of the torso is more shallow than the deep curve of the Anorexia Dent on the right side of the torso.

In most examples of Anorexia Dent, the leg opposite the side of the torso with the Anorexia Dent will lift upward, extend outwards, or rotate outwards. What can be seen of the left leg looks slightly lifted upwards.

Anorexia Dent as accompanied by the atrophy of the arm, the leg, and the head on the same side of the body as the Anorexia Dent. The right arm and the head are not visible in the example picture, which makes it impossible to comment on those parts of the body.

Since the Anorexia Dent causes the atrophy of every other part of the same side of the body, it should come as no surprise to learn that the breast on the same side of the body will also be affected by the bodily shrinkage associated with Anorexia Dent.

Careful comparison of both breasts reveal the chest that the breast sits on looks different on the Anorexia Dent side of the body,

than it does on the other side of the body.

Those differences are not just the result of the leaning of the woman’s body.

There will still be visible differences between the chest on each side of the body even if she were standing up straight.

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