Exercise Can Help Prevent Cancer, Researchers Say

World Cancer Research Fund says even moderate exercise such as brisk walking can reduce risk of cancer

About 10,000 Britons a year could avoid getting breast or bowel cancer if they undertook more physical activity, especially walking, according to the World Cancer Research Fund.

Some 5,500 women would not develop breast cancer if they were moderately active for at least 45 minutes a day, experts say. There would also be an estimated 4,600 fewer cases of bowel cancer if more people took more exercise.The WCRF stress that, to prove beneficial, the activity only needs to make someone’s heart beat faster. It recommends that everyone does at least half an hour of such exercise daily.

Dr Rachel Thompson, deputy head of science for WCRF, said: “There is very strong evidence that being physically active is important for cancer prevention.

“You can reduce your cancer risk just by making small changes and this is highlighted by the fact that so many cancer cases could be prevented through something as simple as brisk walking.

“By taking up walking as a hobby or even walking to the shops instead of taking the bus or car, people can make a real difference to their health.”

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