Seated Monk In Pyramid Shaped Cloak

According to Happeh Theory, the human body behaves as if there is a pyramid within it located approximately as shown in the next picture.

This picture shows a seated Asian monk.

The monk’s robes form part of a pyramid shape.

This picture completes the pyramid shape.

The monk’s robes follow the shape of the pyramid within the monk’s body. That is a frequent phenomenon associated with light clothing. Light clothing will “follow the energy” of the human body. The outline of the pyramid, since it lays outside of the physical body, would be considered to be composed of the energy of the body.

The pyramid associated with a human body should be a flat on the ground and with the peak of the pyramid directly over the center of the base of the pyramid. The peak of the pyramid is to the left of the centerline of the pyramid as shown in the next picture.

The reason the man’s clothing is slanted is because it is following the monk’s slanted body. The next picture highlights the monk’s shoulders which are slanted from high on the right to low on the left, and how they force the peak of the pyramid to the left of the center of the man’s body.

The man’s head is not centered on the centerline of the pyramid. his head is slanted to the left.

The fact that his head lies outside of the pyramid is an indicator of the condition of the monk’s body. Specifically that it is out of alignment.

This is one of the real world uses of The Pyramid View of the Human Body. A pyramid can be placed on a human body and if part of that body does not properly lay within the boundaries of the pyramid, some kind of structural change to the body is indicated that is usually also accompanied by a health problem.

A skilled individual can examine the relationship between the physical body, where the proper pyramid for that body should be, and where the actual pyramid for that body is, and diagnose what parts of the body must have been weakened or changed, to cause the observed deviance of the physical body from the pyramid associated with that body, or vice versa.

The diagnosis process must be performed by a skilled individual. There are situations where if a part of the physical body is not centered on and not aligned on the center of the pyramid, a health problem would be indicated. In other cases though there would be a valid or non negative reason for why the physical body was not centered on and aligned with the pyramid associated with the body.

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