Muslim Woman With Pyramid Shaped Opening In Facial Covering

According to Happeh Theory, the human body behaves as if there is a Pyramid inside of it. The Pyramid is located approximately as shown in the following picture.

Corroboration for that claim comes from a vast variety of artifacts produced by human cultures all over the planet and throughout human history. This series of blog entries focuses on articles of clothing that make all or part of the human body resemble a pyramid.  

The article of clothing that is the focus of this blog entry is the head covering worn by the woman in the following picture.

 The head covering leaves a pyramid shaped opening around the eyes and part of the forehead.

 If the purpose of the gap in the head covering was to allow the person to see, why is the forehead uncovered? Why make the opening a pyramidal shape? Why not make the opening an oblong or elliptical shape that revealed the eyes only as demonstrated in this picture?

Because the pyramid shaped opening in the head covering has two other purposes in addition to allowing the woman to see.

One of those reasons is that the pressure of the pyramid shaped opening on the woman’s face will subtly reinforce and strengthen the pyramid within her body.

The other reason is that every person who looks at the woman,

will be subtly influenced about the existence of the pyramid within the human body.

Whether a person knows about or believes in the pyramid within the body or not, by seeing that pyramid on the face of women all during the day every day of their lives, the realization that the pyramid shaped head covering is mimicing the pyramid shape within the head will gradually seep into their conscious.

The fact that this head covering was developed an unknown number of centuries ago corroborates the claim by Happeh Theory that human beings throughout history have known about the pyramid within the human body.

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