Muslim Head Covering With Pyramid Shaped Gap In The Forehead Area

According to Happeh Theory, the human body behaves as if there is a Pyramid inside of it. The Pyramid is located approximately as shown in the following picture.


Corroboration for that claim comes from a vast variety of artifacts produced by human cultures all over the planet and throughout human history. This series of blog entries focuses on articles of clothing that make all or part of the human body resemble a pyramid.

The article of clothing that is the focus of this blog entry is the head covering worn by the man in the following picture.


 The head covering leaves a pyramid shaped gap in the center of the forehead.


The next picture superimposes an reduced size pyramid over the forehead gap to emphasize it’s pyramidal shape.

Why is the center of the forehead left uncovered? Why does the gap a pyramidal shape? Why not make the opening an oblong or elliptical shape that revealed the eyes only as demonstrated in this picture?

 There are three reasons the head covering was designed to leave a pyramid shaped gap exposing the center of the forehead.

The first reason is that the pressure of the pyramid shaped gap on the man’s forehead will subtly reinforce and strengthen the pyramid within his body.

The second reason is that every person who looks at the man,

including the man himself when he looks in a mirror, will be subtly influenced about the existence of the pyramid within the human body.

 Whether a person knows about or believes in the pyramid within the body or not, seeing that pyramid on the face of this man and other men wearing the same head covering, will subtly assist them to begin seeing the signs of the pyramid within the human body. 

 The third reason for leaving a pyramid shaped gap in the head covering is that it’s existence demonstrates that the people who invented and are wearing the head covering are aware of the pyramid within the human body. An awareness that carries mystical and religious importance in almost every human culture that demonstrates it.

It also needs to be noted that the fact the head covering was developed an unknown number of centuries ago, corroborates the claim by Happeh Theory that human beings throughout history have known about the pyramid within the human body.

This particular picture,

offers a unique observation that is related to the mystical and religious importance that is almost always associated with knowledge of the pyramid within the human body.

Human beings are capable of a variety of mental powers. Development of a strong pyramid within the human body will be accompanied by the development of some or many types of new mental abilities.

Human mental powers in primitive societies were commonly referred to as manifestations of “the third eye”, which all human beings supposedly possess. The previous sentence uses the term “supposedly” because looking at a picture of any human being, such as the example man, shows a creature with only two eyes. Or does it? A careful examination of the example picture reveals a blemish or discoloration in the center of the pyramid shaped gap on the man’s forehead.

Is the blemish an actual eye? No it is not. But it is located in the center of the forehead where “the third eye” is reputed to be located, and it is intriguing to ponder the possibility that it is an external manifestation of a third eye that is submerged under the forehead area.

Some readers will be wondering how something submerged beneath the surface of the forehead can be called an eye, since the two normal eyes must be exposed in order to receive light.

The third eye is linked to mental powers which are commonly assumed to operate via some type of electromagnetic radiation. 

Electromagnetic radiation like radar, sonar, television transmission, and radio transmissions do not need to be visually exposed in order to operate. So the possibility of the blemish on the man’s forehead being an external manifestation of the third eye cannot be dismissed simply because there is no visible eye.

There could be a “third eye” submerged directly under that blemish that operates by transmitting and receiving something similar to radar, sonar, or even the microwave transmissions that cell phones use.


  1. LOL. Me being a muslim also have the mark on my forehead, but do not experience any electromagnetic activity as claimed. It is because of the prostration, involving my forehead touching the ground every time I offer namaz.

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