Buddhist Child Wearing Pyramid Shaped Hat

According to Happeh Theory, the human body behaves as if there is a Pyramid inside of it. The Pyramid is located approximately as shown in the following picture.

Corroboration for that claim comes from a vast variety of artifacts produced by human cultures all over the planet and throughout human history. This series of blog entries focuses on articles of clothing that make all or part of the human body resemble a pyramid.  

The article of clothing that is the focus of this blog entry is the hat being worn by the young Buddhist monk in this picture.

The pyramid shape of the hat is highlighted in this picture.

Why would Buddhists design a large Pyramid shaped hat? Human beings do not have pyramid shaped heads. Human beings have roundish heads. So why create a hat that does not fit the natural shape of the human head.

Because the hat represents the top of the pyramid the human body can behave like.

The resemblance in the comparison picture indicates the ancient Buddhists who created the hat were aware the human body can behave like a pyramid. A conclusion that supports the claim that human beings throughout history have known about the pyramid within the human body.

The reason the ancient Buddhists created a pyramid shaped hat would have been the same reason that almost all of the articles of clothing that create a pyramid shape out of part or the entire human body were created.

To demonstrate the clothing creator’s knowledge the human body can behave like a pyramid.

Knowledge that is invariably linked to spiritually, mystically, and physically elevated human beings.  

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