Woman Having More Heart Attacks

The news story that is the focus of this blog entry reports on a study that has shown the rate at which women have heart attacks is increasing.

“Rates of heart attacks increasing for middle-age women”

Scientists speculate that the increasing heart attack rate has something to do with the increase in obesity for women,

“Men in the age group still have more heart disease, but the gender differences seem to be narrowing. Researchers suspect increases in obesity are to blame for the ‘ominous trend.'”

or female hormones.

“Women have been thought to be largely protected from heart attacks and stroke prior to menopause due to hormonal influences”

If you are reading this blog, then you already know that Scientists R Stoopid. Scientists are always looking for microscopic reasons like hormones as the reason for a health situation, because that is how they control people. Regular people have to have a scientist to control those microscopic things within their body.

As long as Stoopid Scientists are looking for only health reasons for the increase in heart attack rate for women, they will never find the cause.

According to Happeh Theory, the increasing rate of heart attack in women of the west is one of the side effects of various plots by the Forces of Evil to destroy the countries of the West, by making their women weak and sick.

If scientists want to understand why there is an increase in heart attack rates in western women, they need to analyze the plots being used by the Forces of Evil to make western women weak and sick. Since scientists are too stoopid to do that, this blog will do some of the work for them.

The Forces of Evil use three main methods to make Western women weak and sick.

(1) – Making women think they should be thin like a stick figure or a teenager.

Women are designed to get heavier, fatter, and thicker as they age. That is part of the natural healthy process of aging for women. One of the methods the Forces of Evil use to make Western women sick and weak, is to portray that natural change of the body as something disgusting to be avoided at all costs.

The purpose of the plot is to encourage women to hate themselves. Any human being who hates themselves for any reason will be sicker and weaker than they would be if they accepted and loved themselves.

The veracity and accuracy of those claims can be checked in the public media everyday. Everyday there are Western woman on a TV show or in the news talking about how they hate their large body and want to be thinner.

(2) – Training women that housework is something they should avoid.

The Forces of Evil train women to believe they should do nothing but sit around all day. The women should not cook because that is the man trying to make her a slave. The woman should not clean because the man is trying to make her a slave.

Physical exercise has the strongest influence on the health of the human body than any other factor. By training the modern woman to avoid physical exercise, the modern woman will never become strong and healthy like they would be if they were physically active.

This Plot By Evil also weakens the bonds of the family. A woman cleaning the home and cooking are bonding kinds of activities that demonstrate the woman’s love for her family. When the woman cooks she is cooking for her family and putting her love for her family in the food. When the woman cleans, she is doing it because she wants things to be nice for her family because she loves them.

By convincing women work is for slaves, the non working woman never visibly demonstrates her love for her family through cooking and cleaning. The family bonds become weakened, which is just what the Forces of Evil want.

(3) – Weakening the energy of the woman

Human beings have energy. The energy of a human being is interdependent on the physical health of the human body. Men are male energy dominant and women are female energy dominant. It is part of the way human beings are designed that women are supposed to give men female energy, and men are supposed to give women male energy.

Men and children are especially dependent on female energy for their physical well being, and to properly mature and evolve into superior human beings. If the men and children do not receive female energy in the quantities they need, their proper maturation will be stunted.

Another method The Forces of Evil employ to make western women weak and sick is to train them there is no such thing as human energy. Western scientists and medical “experts” have all denounced and ridiculed the concept of human energy from generation to generation for decades now.

If a woman believes that there is no such thing as energy, she is never going to be able to fulfill her function of producing female energy and distributing it to her family or others in need. She will never know it is her job to produce female energy and then distribute it to her man and her children so they will be healthy on a day to day basis and so the children especially will grow up healthy and strong.

By training women in the West that there is no such thing as female energy, the Forces of Evil are ensuring the men and children who depend on those woman for female energy will all have their growth stunted. Those men and children will never grow into what they should have been.

The original news story is reprinted below.


Rates of heart attacks increasing for middle-age women

Men in the age group still have more heart disease, but the gender differences seem to be narrowing. Researchers suspect increases in obesity are to blame for the ‘ominous trend.

Middle-aged men still have higher rates of heart attacks and heart disease than middle-aged women, but those gender differences appear to be narrowing, according to a study published Monday.

The findings follow earlier research, published in a 2007 issue of the journal Neurology, establishing that stroke prevalence among women ages 45 to 54 was double that of men of the same age. Together, the findings suggest “an ominous trend in cardiovascular health among midlife women,” said the lead author of both studies, Dr. Amytis Towfighi, an assistant professor of neurology at the University of Southern California.

Women have been thought to be largely protected from heart attacks and stroke prior to menopause due to hormonal influences. But the rising rate of obesity, which is higher in middle-aged women than middle-aged men, could undermine that natural benefit.

“People didn’t think that women in that age group were at high risk for heart disease and stroke,” she said. “But I suspect that with growing rates of obesity, women aren’t as protected as much as they have been in the past.”

The new study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, examined national survey data from 1988 through 1994 and from 1999 through 2004. More than 4,000 men and women, ages 35 to 54, participated. Researchers looked at heart attack rates as well as scores from a measure used to predict the risk of a having a heart attack in 10 years. This risk-assessment tool includes factors such as age, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and smoking history.

In both time periods, men had more heart attacks than women. But the rates of men improved from 2.5% in the earlier period to 2.2% in the second time frame; women’s rates increased from 0.7% to 1%.

Men’s cardiovascular risk factors improved or remained stable over the two study periods, whereas the only risk factor that improved in women was high-density lipoprotein levels. This suggests that precursors to heart disease, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are not assessed or treated as aggressively in women, said Towfighi, also chairwoman of the neurology department at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.

“There have been several studies that have found women have their risk factors checked less frequently than men,” she said. “When they are checked, women are less likely to receive medication than men. And when they receive medication, their symptoms are not as controlled as much as men.”

However, a second paper published in the same journal reveals that some strides are being made in treating women’s cardiovascular health. That study found survival rates following a heart attack improved in both men and women between 1994 and 2006, with the biggest improvements seen in women.

Researchers led by Dr. Viola Vaccarino of Emory School of Medicine, looked at in-hospital death rates following heart attacks in 916,380 patients. Women younger than 55 had a 52.9% reduction in the risk of death over the time period, whereas men of the same age had a 33.3% reduction.

The two studies looked at somewhat different risk factors and different time periods, which could account for the more positive findings of the study on death rates, Towfighi said. “The second study is encouraging. But although mortality is improving in recent years, women are having more heart attacks,” she said.

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