Study Finds Exercise Appears To Inhibit Cancer

The news story this blog entry is based on reported a scientific study was recently done showing that regular exercise was linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers including breast cancer.

This story corroborates the claims of Happeh Theory because Happeh Theory has stated for years exercise would be helpful for preventing cancer.

The original news story is reprinted next.


“It’s well-known that it’s good for your waistline,¬†but did you know that exercise can also lower your overall risk for developing cancer?¬†That’s the message Lisa Druxman – founder of Stroller Strides, a program that helps new moms get back in shape after having a baby – wants to convey to area residents during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is taking place this October.

According to a recent study conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research, regular physical activity has consistently been associated with reduced risk of particular cancers – including breast cancer – in women.¬†Researchers believe that exercise’s influence on factors including hormone levels, immune function and body weight may explain the link.

“For women who are not currently participating in a regular fitness routine, this is a compelling reason for them to start,” said Druxman. “The most important elements are to break a sweat and to do so on a consistent basis, which means most days of the week.”

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