The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Is An Example Of A Masturbation Changed Body

According to Happeh Theory, many famous well known cultural works of the past are really messages about the negative effects of masturbation on the human body. Those famous cultural works include statues, painting, books, and plays. Blog entries in this category are devoted to providing examples of those cultural works.

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is a famous book written by the Frenchman Victor Hugo. The book is about a man who is physically deformed and his love of a woman. The physically deformed man in the book is deformed in the same way masturbation will deform the body.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make one of the shoulders look lower than the other. In extreme cases of this type of change to the body, masturbation will literally give the body a hunchbacked look as demonstrated in the picture below from a movie about The HunchBack of Notre Dame.

This picture is actually a very good one, because it demonstrates other changes to the body that will occur simultaneously with the the development of the hunchback. The man’s mouth is wide open and his upper teeth protrude.

The man’s head is titled forward

and rotated to his left.

The man’s right hand is held up by his head.

The man looks like he is holding or hugging something between his right arm and his body.

All of those changes will commonly occur simultaneously with the development of a masturbation caused hunchback.


According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will also change a human being emotionally and mentally. The story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame details the story of the hunchback’s unreasoning love for an extremely beautiful woman. According to Happeh Theory, the emotional and mental makeup of an individual who masturbates, can change so they develop a worshipful kind of attitude towards a woman that they feel is extremely beautiful, like the worshipping attitude the hunchback has for the woman in the story.

This worshipful attitude is an irrational kind of adoration of the woman that will make the masturbator extremely protective of the woman, as the hunchback is extremely protective of the woman in the story.

One of the most powerful arguments for the reality of the claims of Happeh Theory, is the consistency of the symptoms in the various cultural works of human beings from all over the world, that Happeh Theory claims are caused by masturbation.

For instance. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is about a masturbation caused hunchback. An individual with a hunchback leans forward and their head is oriented in some way other than up and down.

The statue of Rodin’s thinker is also hunched forward and the head is oriented in some other direction than straight up and down.

The sculpture of Atlas also shows a human body that is hunched forward with the head oriented in some direction other than straight up and down.

The similarity in bodily distortion between each example of what Happeh Theory claims are examples of masturbation changed human bodies, is not a coincidence.

Examples of Masturbation caused Hunchback can be found on the next page. Some of these examples are part of a nude photograph. If you do not want to see nude photographs, do not click the next page button.

The picture below shows an example of masturbation caused hunchback


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