The Biblical “Don’t Eat The Apple” Story Is A Warning To Not Masturbate – Incomplete

 ( This blog entry is not completed. )

The image below is an artist’s conception of the Biblical story about God telling Adam to not eat the apples in the Garden of Eden.

Masturbation will change the human body in certain ways. This picture shows a statue that looks like a masturbation changed body.

One of the observations that can be made about the statue is that it’s left hand is held up close to it’s face,

and the left hand is holding a round object.

Do you see any similarities in this comparison picture of the statue and Adam from the painting?


The left hand of both men is held up by their heads.

If the statue really is of a masturbation changed body, then the fact that Adam holding his hand up by his face to eat an apple resembles the held up left hand of the statue, supports the claim the story of Adam being told not to eat an apple, an act which requires holding a hand up by the head, is really a warning to not masturbate.


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