Rodin’s Sculpture “The Thinker” Is An Example Of A Masturbation Changed Human Body

According to Happeh Theory, many famous well known cultural works of the past are really messages about the negative effects of masturbation on the human body. Those famous cultural works include statues, painting, books, and plays. Blog entries in this category are devoted to providing examples of those cultural works.

Auguste Rodin was a famous French artist who created many famous sculptures. One of the sculptures is commonly known as ” The Thinker”. That statue is one of the cultural works that is really a message about the effects of masturbation on the human body

A picture of ” The Thinker” is shown below

One of the main effects of masturbation or sex in general is to make the human body contract. The contraction of the body of the sculpture is in the horizontal direction. As if the man was standing up, but the forces of sex pulled his body down into the sitting position.

Another aspect of the sculpture that reinforces the claim that the posture is the result of an overall contraction of the entire body caused by sexual forces, is the feet. The feet are raised up at the heel with the toes on the ground,

instead of the feet being planted on the ground flat.

The raised heels seem to be contracting up towards the center of the body.

One of the main changes that masturbation causes to the human body according to Happeh Theory is that the shoulders will become uneven. Although the left shoulder of the sculpture cannot be seen, it’s approximate position can be determined by using the arm as an indicator.

Because there is some doubt about the claim that the left shoulder is higher than the right shoulder, another observation can support the claim. The entire upper body is slightly rotated or tilted downwards on the right side, which would also bring the right shoulder downwards.

The main observation of the statue that is behind the claim that the statue is the representation of a man whose body has been changed by masturbation, is the location and orienation of the right arm. The right arm is slanted all the way across the front of the body

so it can rest on the left knee.

Why would the right elbow be resting on the left knee?

According to Happeh Theory, that is one of the changes that masturbation has made to the body of the man. The support structures for the right arm have been atrophied by masturbation so they cannot support the arm in the way it was designed to be supported. The result is an arm that feels more comfortable swinging all the way across the body to rest on the opposite leg.

The inward swing of the right arm, and the downward rotation are both related changes caused by right hand masturbation. A further related change is the position of the head. The head is curled forward and hanging downwards,

instead of standing straight up on the neck.

Another change that can only be visualized like the position of the left shoulder, is the width and look of the chest. In order for the right arm to move across the body and rest on the left knee, the chest would need to collapse or shrink inwards.

The other main observation related to the right arm, that is one of the strongest reasons for the claim that the body of the man in the sculpture is changed by masturbation, is the location and orientation of the right hand, and it’s relationship to the head.

The right hand is rotated backwards on the wrist so that it points at the head.

A close examination reveals that the outer fingers of the right hand look like they are resting on the lips or the mouth.

In order for the outer fingers of the right hand to rest on the mouth, it would be most natural for the forearm to rotate from the inside of the outside,

to add to the rotation of the hand caused by the wrist.

Another observation is the exact positioning of the fingers of the right hand. One of the outer fingers looks like it is hanging down,

The thumb is pressing against the index finger, and probably against the middle finger although the middle finger cannot be seen in this picture.

All of those changes can be explained by one overall change to the body. If the upper right side of the torso shrank, the rest of the body would change as the statue has been changed. The legs would be pulled up towards the shrunken right side of the torso. The head would move down from the pull of the shrunken right torso.

The shrinkage of the right side of the torso would mean it could no longer support the right arm, so the right arm would collapse into some position that would be determined by how the human body is constructed and exactly how the right torso has been changed by masturbation. The rotation of the right forearm and right wrist would also be the result of the shrinkage of the right side of the torso.

The shrinkage of the right side of the torso would mean the torso would have trouble holding the body erect, so the torso would feel more comfortable slumping over like the sculpture is, because it takes less effort to hold up a slumped over body

The above discussion claimed tht all of the changes to the sculpture that were listed were caused by masturbation, and were an attempt by the sculptor Auguste Rodin to teach other people how masturbation changes a human body, or to leave a demonstration of how masturbation changes the human body for future generations to learn from.

It is important to keep in mind that there are other activities that can cause the same changes to a human body that masturbation does. Anorexia, Injecting of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, Homosexuality, Excessive Exercise, and Excessive Sex are all associated with the same changes to a human body that are associated with masturbation, according to Happeh Theory.

It was necessary to bring up that fact because it is possible that the body of the sculpture was changed by something other than masturbation. It is possible the statue is meant to show the effects of any of the other causes described as causing the same changes to the human body as masturbation does.

If the cause of the changes to the body of the statue are something other than masturbation, in a way, that fact would be irrelevant. What would be relevant was the realization that the body of the sculpture is posed in the way it is because of certain changes to the inside of the body.

Most people do not know or do not accept that a change to the interior of the body, could change parts of the body that are far away, like the heels of the legs lifting up in response to a shrinkage of the right side of the torso.

Regardless of what actions resulted in the changes exhibited by the body of the sculpture, the sculpture is a lesson to future generations on how changes to the internal part of the body can affect the rest of the body, and a lesson on how the human body is interconnected.


  1. Please get some help from a good therapist, psychologist, and/or psychiatrist! I don’t know you, but from reading your ideas it is very clear that you have unhealthy beliefs and thoughts about sexuality. I would assume that you were brought up by people heavily influenced by religion, and it seems you are now trying to apply scientific thinking to validate a religious superstition which has already been invalidated by rigorous science (see Masters’ and Johnson’s research, as a start). I am sad for you that your beliefs prevent you from enjoying one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity and it angers me these myths about a natural part of life persist and that young people are still made to feel ashamed and frightened by natural impulses and activities. May God bless you and help you to help yourself.

    1. It has been a loooooooong time since I have seen a post like this. Probably because the blog has not been actively maintained for years. But also in my experience most of these types of posts are created by people looking to cause trouble.

      If I am wrong about your motives, please accept my apologies.

      And I suppose I should notify you that your statements and assumptions are wrong so that you can then discard whatever feelings you may have for the “condition” you perceive me to be in, and focus on comprehending what you are reading in the article.

      1. Please Happeh I Am Begging You. You Are Like A God And A Very Strong Person

        I am on my knees after completing my study of Happeh Theory
        Which I think is so sad for people who have just started learning this theory or want something more to ask and feel more comforted after speaking and talking to you
        Look i have searched so many things on the cyberspace about you i have read all the forums you participated in i was so sad people were like so non chalant About Your Theory But Happeh Those People were mentally and physically so deficit
        That Seriously what can i say about it it makes me sick to my stomach and i felt so adrenaline about seeing your posts your posts and comments and sentences were like wonder for me i am being overdramatic okay but please let me express my feelings towards this theory and you man

        TBH I Had First Visited Your Website On Late 2015 I Believe God Has Helped someway by visiting your site it feels like a storm which has ended.
        I wish to talk to you happeh so wholeheartedly

        Hope i hear from you at the earliest because you are not active on this website 🙁

        Thanks Man Thank You So Much

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