Japanese Insult Mocks People Whose Bodies Are Changed By Masturbation – Incomplete

The face made by the Japanese created cartoon character in the picture above is an insult. According to Happeh Theory, the insult is meant to indicate the person’s body has been changed by masturbation, or one of the other actions that cause similar changes to the body that masturbation does. Excessive Exercise, Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, Injection of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, and Anorexia.

The insult can be interpreted as saying the person is of low class or low breeding, as in their body never matured properly into a normal human body. They are socially lesser human beings because they are physically lesser human beings.

This insult can be used to indicate that a person is unbalanced, not mentally all there, or slow and stupid. These qualities would be a subset of the qualities associated with being of low breeding, but could be used by themselves without saying the person was of low breeding.


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