Sex Addiction And Asymmetry Of The Body

The man in the picture below is reported to have entered a Sex Addiction clinic.

Someone who was labeled as a “sex addict” would be someone who engaged in Excessive Sex, which according to Happeh Theory, will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other bodily changes and health problems.

Many individuals who peruse Happeh Theory material will dispute the claims in the material because there is no “proof” that the individual who is the subject of the material really did Masturbate Excessively, really is a Homosexual, really did engage in Excessive Sex, etc.

That concern is not a problem with this example, because this man has admitted that he has been engaging in Excessive Sex. There can be no doubt that his body has been subjected to the effects of Excessive Sex. The only area of doubt is whether or not any of the body changes that will be listed are actually due to Excessive Sex or not.

One of the main changes Masturbation, Excessive Sex, etc makes to the human body is to make the shoulders look uneven. The example man’s shoulders are uneven as predicted. His left shoulder is higher than his right shoulder.

The uneven height shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look down to the right.

Excessive Sex, masturbation, etc, will change the appearance of the mouth. The shape of the right side of the example man’s mouth looks different from the shape of the left side his mouth.

The mouth also slants from high on the left to low on the right,

which is significant because that is that is the same slant the shoulders have.

The blindness caused by Masturbation, Excessive Sex, etc affects one eye more than the other. The eye going blind will always have a slightly closed look to it. Because the example man is an actor, he has had plastic surgery to his face. The plastic surgery has given the eye going blind a better look than it would have if it had not had plastic surgery. Please take a moment to examine the following picture for yourself to see if you can find an obvious clue to which of the man’s eyes is the one going blind.

If you could not figure it out on your own, it is the example man’s right eye that is going blind. If you could not tell by examining the eyes the educated observer can still know which eye is the one going blind because of the other changes exhibited by the man’s body.

The leaning of the man’s head and body down to his right is indicative of shrinkage of the right side of the body. If the shrinkage of the right side of the man’s body pulled his head and shoulders down to the right, then it seems logical the man’s right eye would also be experiencing a downwards pulls to the right.

Now that you know the right eye is being affected by the same forces pulling the man’s head and shoulders down to the right, if you compare the right eye to the left eye you should be able to tell the right eye is going bad. The right eye is darker and less clear than the left eye. The shape of the right eye is also unnatural, while the shape of the left eye is more natural.

The overall way that Masturbation, Excessive Sex, etc changes the human body is to make the human body “Bilaterally Asymmetric”. The phrase “Bilaterally Asymmetric” means the right and left sides of the body are different. The example man’s head demonstrates that effect. The right side of the example man’s head is bigger than the left side of his head.

If more of the man’s body was available for viewing in the picture, the rest of his body would display the same Asymmetry that the upper part of his body visible in the example picture does.


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