More Symmetry And Asymmetry Of The Human Body

The previous blog entry claimed that Symmetry of the body was linked with good health and Asymmetry of the body was linked with poor health. Symmetry of the body was defined as the right and left sides of the body being identical. Asymmetry of the body was defined as one half of the body being different in some way from the other half of the body.

The picture of a computer model human body below was used to demonstrate a Symmetric human body. The line in the center of the picture splits the body into identical right and left halves.

It is natural to have some hesitancy or disbelief about anything that is demonstrated with artwork. Computer generated or hand produced artwork is not real. At some basic instinctual level it is natural to always hold back and distrust a little whatever it is that is being said.

It would be much more satisfactory for example to see a picture of a real life human being who looked like he had a Symmetric body. Most people feel like they can trust their own eyes, so if they see a real human being who looks Symmetric, then this whole discussion of Symmetry and Asymmetry of the body feels more comfortable.

There are people in the world who understand all about Happeh Theory, and the claims of Happeh Theory about health and it’s link to unique patterns of Asymmetry of the body. Actually, some of these people are probably much more expert at this subject than the creator of Happeh Theory is.

Since these people are so knowledgeable about the health of the human body and how it is linked to the Symmetry of the human body, these people are able to manipulate their health and appearance by either manipulating the appearance of their body to better their health, or manipulating their health to better the Symmetry of their body.

The picture below shows one of these knowledgeable people who has consciously worked to modify their appearance so that their body is as Symmetric as possible.

Although the man’s body is not perfectly Symmetric, it is close to be being Symmetric. More importantly it displays the signs of a human body that has purposefully been subjected to a physical therapy designed to accentuate it’s Symmetry.

One of those signs is the look of the right arm. The man is holding his right arm up by his face to do what looks like taking a picture.

His right arm forms an almost perfect triangle with the center of his torso.

That is not a natural look. If the reader were to spend the next few days observing people holding objects up to their face, they would discover just how unusual the perfect triangle formed by the Symmetric man’s arm is. It would be unusual for the reader to see anyone whose arm is held so rigidly and perfectly to form a triangle as well formed as the one created by the man’s right arm.

Most people will stick their elbow further away or closer to their body. Or their elbow will be further out to the side or closer in to their body. Their hand will not be in the almost exact center of the face the way the Symmetric man’s right hand is.

Another sign that this man has subjected his body to physical therapy to make it Symmetric is his head. His head has a rounded bulbous look on either side of the camera.

Each side of the head exhibits mostly the same rounded look. That type of rounded look is characteristic of a certain type of development of the Symmetry of the human body.

It is important to stress that other methods of accentuating the Symmetry of the body will not produce a head that is rounded on both sides. Just because a human body does not exhibit the same type of sidewards rounded look of the example man’s head, they cannot be dismissed as a person who has never undergone physical therapy to improve the Symmetry of their body.

Even though the example man’s body has undergone therapy to accentuate it’s Symmetry, and the man’s body is mostly Symmetric, his body is not exactly Symmetric as demonstrated in the picture below.

The man’s body is slightly rotated to his right

which puts slightly more of his head to the right of the center of his body and slightly less of his head to the left of the center of his body.

The slight rotation of his body to his left has also pulled the medallion on his chest slightly to the right of the center of his body.

In spite of the minor signs of Asymmetry of the body that were just pointed out, the man in this picture is an excellent example of a human body that has become highly Symmetric through the practice of some kind of physical therapy designed to accentuate the Symmetry of the body.

The high level of Symmetry displayed by the man’s body is directly linked to the strength and health of the man. Because his body is so highly Symmetric, the man should be very strong and very healthy.

Although there is no way to verify that the man is very strong and very healthy, the fact that the man is a security employee of the Chinese security apparatus would support the idea that he must be physically strong and in a good state of health.


What does the picture of this man with a highly Symmetric body mean to the reader of this blog?

Any reader who looks at themselves in the mirror and discovers that their body is Asymmetric, now knows with absolute certainty that they can correct or soften the Asymmetry of their body.

The fact that the example man could make his body highly Symmetric through the practice of certain kinds of physical therapies, proves that anyone who has the desire, can correct any Asymmetry in their own body by subjecting their own body to those same corrective physical therapies.

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