Asymmetry Of The Body Can Be Used To Diagnose Health Problems

The human body is designed to be bilaterally symmetric. That means the right and left halves of the human body should look exactly the same. The picture above shows a bilaterally symmetric human being.

The half of the human body on the right side of the line in the picture is exactly the same as the half of the human body on the left side of the line.

According to Happeh Theory, the symmetry of the human body is directly linked to the health of the human body. A healthy body should be bilaterally symmetric and a bilaterally symmetric human body should be healthy.

Health problems will cause the human body to become Asymmetric. “Asymmetric” means that the right and left halves of the body would be different from each other in some way.

According to Happeh Theory, all health problems will make the human body appear Asymmetric in a particular way that is unique for each health problem. That fact means that it is possible to diagnose many different health problems by doing nothing more than a simple visual inspection of the patient’s body.

It is difficult to overstate how important this method of diagnosis can be.

(1) – Diagnosing illness via visual inspection of the symmetry of the body is cheap.

The only cost for visually inspecting a human body for signs of Asymmetry are the cost of paying the expert. That is cheap compared to the cost of paying a western medical doctor to let you in his office, then paying for whatever high tech diagnostic tests he may order.

(2) – Diagnosing illness via visual inspection of the human body is simple.

It is trivial to look at a human body and determine if it is Symmetric or Asymmetric. Inspecting the human body for signs of Asymmetry is so trivial that it could be taught to anyone. Family members could use it to see the onset of a health problem in other family members. Any group of people could use this method to spot oncoming health problems in any other member of the group.

Even if the person did not know exactly what health problem was indicated by a particular pattern of bodily Asymmetry, it would not matter. It would be enough to see that the body of another person was Asymmetric, and to know that Asymmetry of the body was associated with illness.

The person who noticed Asymmetry of the body in another person could tell that person, so the affected individual could go to an expert who would who would be able to diagnose exactly what kind of health problem, was indicated by the particular pattern of Asymmetry exhibited by their body.

(3) – Diagnosing illness via visual inspection of the human body is extremely effective.

Every illness of the human body will produce a unique pattern of visible Asymmetry in the body. A knowledgeable individual can examine a human body for patterns of Asymmetry, and know exactly what kind of health problem is affecting that body by the unique pattern of Asymmetry it displays.

The guessing that is involved with the Western Medicine techniques of blood tests etc is not present in this method of health diagnosis. Instead of testing genetics or blood for vision problems or heart problems or stomach problems, an expert in Asymmetry of the body can look at the patient and say without a doubt that the patient has a vision problem, heart problem, or health problem.

What it is that justifies the certainty of the expert in their diagnosis is difficult to describe.

All human bodies are the same. Basically what the expert does is observe a patient for signs of Asymmetry of the body, then apply those patterns of Asymmetry to their own body. The expert in a way makes himself feel exactly what the patient is feeling.

If the expert imposes the patient’s pattern of bodily Asymmetry on himself, and he feels pain in his heart or stomach or eyes, that is how he knows without a doubt what health problem the patient has. The patient has eye, heart, or stomach problems, because those are the problems the expert felt in his own body, when he imposed the patient’s pattern of bodily Asymmetry on himself.

The picture of the man below demonstrates how easy it is to use Symmetry of the body to diagnose health problems in the human body.

The body of this man is clearly Asymmetric. A line along the center of his torso separates his body into right and left halves.

 Anybody can see that there is more of the man’s head on the right side of the line than on the left side of the line.

Anybody in this man’s family, even his children; or anybody in any group this man belongs to can look at him and see his body is Asymmetric. They would know he has some kind of health problem and recommend that he go to an expert to find out what health problem is indicated by the Asymmetry exhibited by his body.

The expert that the man went to would notice other Asymmetric aspects of the man’s body that his family or friends missed. For instance. The man’s hands are held at different vertical heights.

The right hand is rotated slightly outwards while the left hand is rotated outwards much more.

The man’s right shoulder is higher than his left shoulder.

The expert on health diagnosis of the human body using patterns of Asymmetry of the body, would combine all of those different changes to reach some conclusion as to what health problems the man is experiencing.

It should not take an expert to initially diagnose the example man as having a weakened left side of the body. There is less of the head on the left side of the body, the left shoulder is lower than the right shoulder, the left hand is lower than the right hand, and the left hand is rotated further outwards than the right hand.

The expert would compare all of those different asymmetric parts of the body to his expertise knowledge, to determine what kind of health problem this man is likely experiencing.

A large scale diagnosis of the man’s health problems would be that the left side of his body has become weakened. That diagnosis is based on the fact that the man cannot pull his head over to the left to even it out, he cannot pull his left shoulder upwards even with the right shoulder, he cannot raise his left hand upwards even with his right hand, and he cannot rotate his left hand to match the angle of the right hand.

A more detailed diagnosis of the man would be that all of the changes of his body are the result of his being on the receiving end of long term sodomy. The reasons why long term sodomy would produce the body posture exhibited by the man are too complex to explain in this blog entry and do not pertain to the focus of this blog entry.

( For those that must have a clue…..How do you react if someone pokes you? You bend over wherever you are poked. If someone pokes you in the stomach, you bend over the finger poking you in the stomach. What direction is the man bending? It may be difficult to discern but he is bending backwards. What could be poking him in the back to make him bend backwards? A penis in the bottom would make him bend backwards over the penis poking him in the bottom. )

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