The Infinity Sign View Of The Human Body

The material in this blog entry is from an unfinished book begun years ago. No editing has been done to the material when it was cut and pasted on 1-4-12. )

The Infinity Sign View of the body is related to the Scroll View of the body. The infinity sign is a symbol used in mathematics. It is used to represent something that goes on forever. The infinity sign looks like the picture below.

The Scroll View of the Human body said there was a layer of fibers that connected the two cylinders within the body as shown in the next picture.

The picture above shows only half of the human body. There are a second set of spirals in each cylinder that oppose the spirals above. This second set of opposing spirals would look like this from above.

Here is a comparative picture showing both sets of spirals.

Note that one diagonal flows from bottom right to top left while the other diagonal flows from top right to bottom left.

The next picture merges both of the previous pictures into one. There are only two cylinders with both sets of spiral pairs superimposed on them.

The mess above needs to be cleaned up so that the desired point can be made. In the picture below, all of the inner layers of all four spirals are removed. Only the outer layer of all four spirals remains. Both connecting diagonals also remain intact.

The four connected spirals look like an infinity sign. Happeh Theory says the infinity sign was based on this pattern of fibers within the human body. Life in the human body is defined at one level by the endless flow of energy back and forth between the spirals described above. As long as energy is flowing back and forth within these spirals, the creature is alive.

Infinity is defined as something that goes on forever. During their lives, people would have had the experience that the energy flowed back and forth between these spirals for their entire lives. Forever, as far as the awareness of the person was concerned.

According to Happeh Theory, when someone needed a symbol to represent forever, they thought of the unending flow of energy between these spirals, and used the simplest possible representation of that idea as the infinity symbol. The symbol shown in the picture above.

The spirals within the double cylinders of the Double Cylinder View of the body behave like pumps. The spirals pump energy from one side of the body to the other. When one spiral is compressed, the energy it contains is forced into the other spiral through the connecting diagonals. The force that compresses the spiral compresses the layers of the spiral closer to the center of each cylinder.

In an interesting “coincidence”, the opposing spirals shown in each cylinder in the picture at the top can act as a pump in real life.

In real life, there is a type of pump that is created from two opposing spirals. Coincidentally, it is called a scroll pump. The scroll pump works on the principle of what is called a fixed scroll and an orbiting scroll as shown in the next picture.

The fixed scroll is held unmoving while the orbital scroll orbits or circles around the fixed scroll. A fluid is taken in through the inlets on either side of the combined scrolls. As the orbiting scroll rotates, the fluid is pushed towards the center of the two scrolls. The fluid is simultaneously compressed to a higher pressure as it moves towards the center. When the fluid reaches the center, it can then exit for it’s intended purpose.

According to Happeh Theory, there is another connection between the orbital scroll pump above and the body besides the double cylinders of the body. Various martial arts talk of exercises that are used to strengthen the bones. This can sound odd because bones are inside of your body and they are hard objects of a specific size and shape.

How does a bone become stronger? What changes occur to a bone if it becomes stronger? To make a muscle stronger, a person would exercise the muscle. The exercise would consist of tightening and releasing the flexible muscle. The muscle would then increase in size as a visible sign of it’s increased strength.

According to Happeh Theory, bones become stronger through the process of the orbiting scroll pump. There are layers of organic material that are wrapped around the bones in a spiral. Special exercises cause the spirals wrapped around the bones to behave like an orbiting scroll pump.

Energy behaves like a fluid. According to Happeh Theory, energy is taken into the scroll pump surrounding the bones, compressed to a high pressure, then forced into the bones at the center of the scrolls. The result is that the energy density of the bones is increased. This is how a bone can become stronger.

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