The Bug Eye View Of The Human Body

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The Bug Eye View of the Human Body says that the human body behaves as if it has large eyes like a fly or a bug. These eyes behave as if they are centered on the normal eyes. The picture below demonstrates a normal pair of eyes in the profile, frontal, and three quarters view.

The bug eyes look as shown in the picture below.

The size of the normal bug eyes approximately fills the space created by the eye socket. The bug eye looks as if it is a lens that fits over the hemispherical depression created by the eye socket.

The bug eyes are physically invisible. They are not a physical structure like a hand or a foot. The bug eyes can be described as being projections of force. The visible part of the bug eyes is only a section of a larger ellipsoidal shape that is buried or submerged inside of the head like the real eyes are. It is possible to feel this large ellipsoidal shape within the head in real life.
In the picture below, the face was made transparent so that the ellipse within the head can be seen. The color of the eye was changed from white to blue so that it is more visible within the partially transparent face.

The ellipse travels horizontally back into the head as far as the front of the ear. The circumference of the submerged part of the bug eye is not much larger than the circumference of the part of the bug eye that is visible on the face. The Bug Eye View of the body says that the human body behaves as if the structure above actually exists within the head.

According to Happeh Theory, the bug eyes in the picture above will become larger in people who are training themselves to become superior people. Martial Arts, Yoga, religious practices, etc., can all result in the bug eye in the picture above enlarging normally. The bug eye can becomes so large that it resembles it’s namesake. The large eyes of a fly or some type of bug.

The picture below demonstrates how the bug eyes would enlarge in the body of a person who would be considered an elevated or superior human being.

The description of the bug eyes enlarging in the body of a superior or elevated person is not so useful. It is relatively rare to encounter people like this in real life. The process of enlarging the bug eyes as shown in the previous picture takes years, if not decades of work.

The Bug Eye View of the body has a more practical use in describing one of the symptoms that occurs in people who become unbalanced for one reason or the other. When a person becomes unbalanced, one entire side of the body will usually be affected. The unbalanced person will usually develop a mismatched pair of bug eyes as shown in the picture below.

The eye on his right is normal sized. The eye on his left is almost twice the size of the normal bug eye. The picture below shows how the unbalanced bug eyes look from the outside.

The boundaries of the enlarged bug eye are not accidental. The curious person will note that the lower edge generally follows the curve of the cheeks and the rear of the large bug eye reaches to the front of the ear.

If the curious person compares the boundaries of the enlarged bug eye on the previous page to a large number of photos of the faces of real human beings, they should notice a correspondence. There are natural appearing landmarks that generally follow the curve of the large bug eye in the faces of real human beings.

Enlarged bug eyes are most common among people who are engaged in excessive sex, excessive masturbation, and drug usage. An enlarged bug eye will also occur in some people who are involved in strenuous physical activities, or people who are born with, or develop some kind of health problem.

The large bug eye in an unbalanced person physically expands only a slight amount. The major reason the large bug eye appears so large is that the head surrounding the eye will shrink. As the head shrinks, it reveals more of the part of the bug eye that is submerged within the head.

The head shrinkage is part of the reason the tongue also sticks out in an unbalanced person. The face has receded so that one side of the mouth has pulled back. This has the effect of giving one side of the tongue the appearance that it sticks out more than the other side of the tongue.

The Bug Eye View of the body is not just a theoretical construction for describing problems with the eyes. It is possible in real life for people to see the bug eyes. Support for this claim can be found in Japanese culture.

In Japan there is a style of cartoon called “Anime”. It is common sense that the creators of these cartoons would include various ideas from their own culture into the cartoons. One of the things that the Japanese creators of these cartoons included is the Japanese idea of an insult.

To a Japanese person, being unbalanced is considered a bad thing. The Japanese people as a whole have a better idea of how the human body works. They understand how being physically unbalanced affects the personality, health and mental performance of a person.

When one person wants to be impertinent or insult another person, they can perform an act that shows they think the other person is unbalanced. Many people believe that insulting gestures are only gestures. A meaningless, involuntary, or traditional movement that has no real significance. In reality, most insulting gestures point out an actual physical trait of the person being insulted.

When a Japanese person wants to tell another person that they believe the person’s thinking is unbalanced, there is a particular gesture they perform that is related to the Bug Eye View of the body. The insulting gesture makes the person look like they have one big eye and one small eye.

The person performing the insult will pull down the lower lid of their eye. That eye then looks bigger compared to the other normal sized eye. The picture below shows a Japanese cartoon character making this insult. He has pulled down the lower eyelid of his right eye and stuck out his tongue. The tongue sticking out is another common sign of an unbalanced person.

According to the Bug Eye View of the body, the physical eye associated with each bug eye is affected in the opposite way the bug eye is affected. If one of the bug eyes is enlarged, that same side normal physical eye should look small.

This is how a person would train themselves to see the bug eyes on people. They would first train themselves to notice if a person had an unbalanced pair of eyes. Then they would determine which eye was smaller. Once they have pinpointed the smaller eye, they would then train themselves to notice how the face around the smaller eye looks. At some point in time, after examining hundreds of people over the course of years, the person should begin to see, or feel, or get the impression of, the bug eyes protruding from the face.

A person can use the fact that an enlarged bug eye is associated with a shrunken regular eye to diagnose a person. Even if you cannot see the bug eyes, if you see another person with one eye that is smaller than the other, you can infer that the bug eyes are unbalanced. You can further infer that they have a large bug eye on the side of the head where the small physical eye is located.

The picture below demonstrates a real life person with mismatched eyes. The eye on the right side of the head is smaller. That means the right side should have a large bug eye according to the Bug Eye View of the body. The damage to the right side that causes the small physical eye and the large bug eye also causes the man to lean both his body and his head far over to the right.

Most other living creatures have “Bug Eyes”. Try looking at the penguin in this picture and see if you can tell where the boundaries of it’s “Big Eyes” are.


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