The Triple Cylinder View Of The Human Body

The Triple Cylinder View of the Human Body

( The following material is copied from an unfinished book begun years ago. The material has not been edited as of it’s posting on 1-09-12 )

The Triple Cylinder View of the body is based on the Double Cylinder View of the body. The Double Cylinder View of the body says that the human body behaves as if it is constructed of two cylinders placed side by side as shown in the picture below.


The overhead view looks like the picture below.


The third cylinder of the Triple Cylinder View of the body is located in between and in front of the double cylinders as shown below.


This overhead view of the triple cylinders provides a more clear view of their relationship than the front view.


The picture above is for clarity. The third cylinder is placed exactly in the middle of the double cylinders. This overhead view allows verification that there are three cylinders. This is necessary because the picture below is a more accurate picture of the relationship between the three cylinders.


In the picture above, the third cylinder has moved to the rear so that it intersects both of the other cylinders. If this picture was to be viewed first, there is no way to verify that the red object is a cylinder. It could be an oddly shaped cylinder that only contacts the outside of the double cylinders instead of being a complete cylinder that merges with the other two cylinders.

The third cylinder can be described as the energy of a person. Or perhaps the focus of their energy would be a better description. The double cylinders are related to the physical body. If the double cylinders are healthy and strong, indicating a healthy and strong physical body, then the third cylinder will also be healthy and strong, indicating a healthy and strong energy body.

The location, size, shape, and condition of the third cylinder / energy body is dependent on the location, size, shape, and condition of the double cylinders.
Here is the picture of the proper relationship between the cylinders again.


The picture below shows an example of how the condition of the double cylinders affects the third cylinder. The green cylinder on the right has been reduced in diameter by about fifty percent. It’s location is unchanged. It is still centered around the right shoulder and hip. The change in size of the green cylinder would indicate that this person was unhealthy or weak on the right side.


Because the physical right side of the body is weak, it does not contribute properly to the total energy of the body. Less energy from the right physical side of the body means that the third cylinder / energy body will not be as large as it should be. The red cylinder has been decreased slightly in diameter to indicate less energy input from the right physical side of the body.

There is a large gap between the red and green cylinders. The red cylinder will naturally move to close that gap. When the red cylinder moves to close the gap as it has below, it is no longer centered properly between both cylinders.


The energy body of a person can also be described as the focus of a person’s attention. A healthy human being is designed by nature to focus straight ahead. The third cylinder / energy body itself is an indicator of whether or not a person is properly focused straight ahead. The picture below adds an arrow to the third cylinder to make it clear where this healthy person’s attention and energy are flowing.


If the third cylinder / energy body changes position because one of the double cylinders has changed size or shape, then the focus of a person’s intention or their energy will be in a different direction. The arrow in the picture below emphasizes the new direction the person’s energy is focused on.


It should be intuitive that the picture above is not normal. The focus of this person’s energy is off to his right. For people that do not know much about energy this may seem like a small thing. What might make this fact more meaningful is that the physical body tends to follow the energy body.

In their daily life, this person’s head and eyes will always tend to look off to the right. Their entire body will always tend to orient itself so that it points off to the right. The change in the body affects every physical activity the person engages in during their daily life. Everything from walking, talking to other people, reading a book, watching TV, sleeping, or sitting will be changed by the person’s need to orient their body to the right so that it aligns with their energy body.
The changes to the body are not limited to the physical actions of the body. The internal structure of the body itself will change. In this example, the person’s physical body would shrink on the right hand side as the right hand cylinder of the double cylinder pair shrinks. The person’s hearing and eyesight will degrade on their right side.

The internal cavity of the torso will change shape so that it is smaller on the right. This will change the pressure relationships between the various organs within the torso. The changes in pressure on an internal organ can cause many different health problems.

A very common health problem associated with this kind of changing of the structure of the body is heart palpitations or discomfort. The heart expands when it pumps blood to the rest of the body. If the torso has changed shape so that it is closer to the heart, it is harder for the heart to expand on the pumping stroke. The heart no longer has the large space around it in which to expand. The person will feel some kind of discomfort in the heart area as the heart presses up against the smaller area surrounding it.

This kind of health problem is not a problem that drugs or some other procedure will fix. This heart condition is caused by the physical condition of the body. Drugs and other therapies would only treat the symptoms of the problem. The person would have to engage in a long term exercise plan that would correct the physical imbalance to their body. An exercise that would cause the right cylinder of the double cylinder pair to expand in diameter.

The changes to the structure of the body will also change the brain. A person’s thinking and their personality will be changed if their energy is not focused straight ahead as it is designed to do.

A person whose energy focuses off to the right will usually be a conservative person, a person who is resistant to change, or a person who might be aggressive, violent, or forceful. A person whose energy focuses off to the left will usually be labeled a liberal person. A person who is open to change or actively works for change. A person who is empathetic and kind.

These people do not mentally choose to think liberal or conservative thoughts. The physical structure of their brain and body forces them to think a certain way.

The changes to the brain are not limited to affecting the personality or thinking. A person can develop severe mental illness because of the physical changes to the brain brought on by a person’s energy not being focused straight ahead. These mental illnesses would need to be treated by the proper regimen of physical exercise. Just as with the heart, drugs or some other therapy will only help the symptoms. They do not correct the structure of the body.

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