The Worm View Of The Human Body Introduction

According to Happeh Theory, it is useful to visualize the human body as a large worm.

The main features of a worm are that it has a long, thin, generally cylindrical body, with a hole penetrating it from one end to the other. The hole penetrating the worm is called the alimentary canal.

According to The Worm View of the Human Body, it is useful to treat the human body as a large worm, located as shown in the picture below.


The body of the worm should be centered on the human body. The main body of the worm is only located on the right side of the body, because that was the only way to match the two openings in the body of the worm, to the mouth and anus of the human body.

A human body is like a worm because a human body also has an alimentary canal.


The alimentary canal has a hole at the top for the mouth.


And the alimentary canal has a hole at the bottom for excreting waste material.


At a basic level, the human body and the body of a worm really are similar. This is not an artifical philosophical kind of make believe similarity. It is real factual anatomical similarity between the human body and the body of a worm.

The body of a worm is ridged as shown below.


An intriguing image can be created by comparing a worm to the stomach of a human being.


The stomach of a human being that has been developed in a certain type of way, changes the musculature of the stomach so that it develops a ridged look similar to the ridged and segmented look of a worm.


That image supports the claim that the human body can be treated as a large worm that has two arms, two legs, and a head added on to it.

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