Master And Disciple – Energy Analysis 019

This blog entry is based on the short video clip linked below.

The video clip shows a young and an old man.

The young man asks the master about love. The master gives a little talk about love and then walks away.

It should be obvious that after the master hugs the younger man, the younger man becomes uncomfortable. If you do not see the young man’s discomfort, one piece of evidence to support that claim is the poke on the cheek he gives to the master to push away his head.

He also pushes the master away with his shoulder.

How you interpret the situation shown in the video clip depends on your preconceptions and how observant you are.

People who think males who touch other males must be homosexuals will most likely think the master’s actions mean he is a homosexual.

They might think the master is putting his head close to the young man,

because he is used to kissing other men. They might think the master is putting his arm around the young man,

to try and get a free feel.

That is what the young man is thinking. He feels like the situation is sexual and that is his motivation for pushing the master’s head away and moving his arm.

Sexual attraction is not what is happening in the video clip. The only way to know what is actually happening is if you can see energy. If you can see energy, you can see every action of the master is a reaction to the actions of the young man.

First, the master puts his hand up by his head as if he is confused.

The master is not putting his hand by his head in an unconscious way. And he is not putting his hand by his head consciously as if to scratch himself. The master raised his hand to his head because he is copying or mirroring the same motion the young man made first.

The problem with the above claim is that the video clip does not show the young man raising his hand up to his head. The next picture shows the two men right before the master turns and begins to raise his hand.

The young man’s hands are obviously clasped in front of him. Neither one is raised up by his head.

If you will rewatch that part of the video clip, you will see the young man move towards the master. It is the young man’s movement closer to the master and his rotation to his right that causes the master to raise his hand to his head. One of the few physical clues that the young man is raising his right energy hand to his head is the darkness of his right side.

According to Happeh Theory, that dark area is an artifact of the contraction of the physical part of his body in that area as his energy hand raises up to his head. That phenomenon will show itself in any picture of human beings. There areas of the body that are contracted will have be darker than the other areas of the body.

Other clues that the master is reacting to the young man’s energy can be found in the way the master tells his story.  The master turns away from the young man and begins waving his hand around. At one point he holds up just two fingers as he waves his hand around.

Why does the master wave his hand around like that? A case could be made that he is doing it for dramatic effect. Like he was trained to do things like that at acting school.

That is not what is happening. The master is waving his hand to counteract or relieve the energy from the young man that made the master raise his hand to his head. The young man’s energy does not just make the master’s arm raise to his head. The young man’s energy is interfering with the energy flow within the master’s body. So the master waves his hand around the way he does to release his right arm from the grip of the young man’s energy.

A little before and during the time the master is waving his arm around, the young man begins to move towards the master, acting as if he is feeling the love story the master discusses, by hugging his hands together and inclining his head.

The master then turns and steps towards the young man and puts his arm around him to hug him close.

Those movements of the master are only partly influenced by acting training. The master is again reacting to the energy of the young man when he reaches out to hug him.

When the young man moves closer and leans towards the master as if he is feeling love,

his left energy arm reaches out to hug the master.

The master feels the young man’s energy arm hugging him so the master turns around and does the exact same thing to the young man.

Why does the master mirror the moves of the young man? Why not disregard what the young man’s energy body does? After all, many people watching this scene will only see the master’s physical body reaching out to get close to the yuong man, and they will think the master is a homosexual. Why would he put himself in that kind of situation?

Because he is trying to teach the young man about energy. He wants the young man to realize it was him who first reached out and hugged the master, and the master was only copying what the young man did first.

What is the young man’s reaction? to the master’s attempts to show the young man what his energy was doing to the master?

He pokes the master in the face

and hits him with his shoulder to push him away.

The young man will not realize what the master has taught him until much later. At some point in the future though he will realize it. And after he does, he will be more conscious of what his energy body is doing so that he never embarrasses himself again.

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