Man With Face In Hand – Energy Analysis 020

This picture offers the opportunity to examine a number of interesting phenomenon. This man is a kidnap victim. The picture is from a video of him reading kidnappers demands.

The first phenomenon is the man’s physical posture. When a person is exhausted or stressed, their body will relax into it’s natural position. Most people walk around everyday holding their body in an unnatural position. Because of the stress, they no longer have the energy to hold that false shape. Their body relaxes to reveal their true shape.

This photo shows that the man’s head has relaxed and dropped to his left. The reason for this can be explained from a variety of perspectives. Each perspective view can and will contradict the other perspective views.

From the physical view, the man’s right side cannot hold up the right side of the head. When he is in good health, he consciously holds his head up in the proper position so that the weakened right side is not obvious. Once he is exhausted, he no longer has the energy to force the weakened right side into the proper balanced and upright position.

When a person assumes a pose like this, exhaustion forcing the phyiscal body to drop, what remains is where the energy body usually is. It is hard to put this in words. Because his physical body has dropped low and to his left, his energy body moves to the right to counterbalance the physical body. The photo below attempts to demonstrate this.

The blue outline is meant to show where the man’s energy body is. We can see that the energy body and the physical body are not completely merged. The energy body only falls on maybe half of the physical body. A person who is unhealthy or stressed will almost always show a displacement of the energy body from the physical body.

The final interesting phenomenon from this picture is the flag behind the man’s head. For some reason, in most of these pictures that will be presented, there is always a light, or a landmark that seems to be part of the person being examined. Or the light or landmark will appear to be influenced by the person being examined.

In this instance, I am equating the circular shape on the flag with the generally circular shape of the human head. Coincidentally, the circular shape on the flag is positioned approximatley where the head of the man’s energy body is. These kinds of coincidences always appear, and always provide some clue, or some insight into what is going on in the pictures.

It is as if someone took the picture and modified it in an attempt to grab the viewers attention and make them think. A person who looked at this picture for a long time, of this man, with that circle on the flag in the position it is in, , might eventually be spurred to wonder if what he was seeing was nothing more than an accident.

One of the perspectives I mentioned above can be from an engineers or physicists perspective. The man’s body is going downward at a general angle indicated by the downward arrow. An engineer or physicist would naturally look for “an equal and opposite reaction” according to newton’s laws of motion.

When the engineer or physicist looked for the equal and opposite reaction to the man falling downward, he would see the circle on the flag and maybe begin to wonder what was going on. The circle on the flag could be anywhere in the picture. But for some coincidental reason it appears on the generally opposite angle from the one the man’s body is falling, exactly where newton’s laws of motion say an equal and opposite reaction should be taking place.

In today’s modern world, most people will instantly, without hesitation, condemn this kind of claim. They will invent many reasons why the picture is nothing but a picture. The reason the modern person engages in this instant rejection and refusal to think is the influence of human culture today. In modern culture, no one has patience or time. New ideas or anything else new receive an instant, snap judgement, then the people move on.

In olden times, people were not distracted as much. There was nothing to distract them like TV, computers, movies, radio etc. They literally had nothing to do but sit around and stare at things. A person who grows up in this kind of environment will think completely differently from a modern person. When you live in the wilderness, you are trained to see the interconnectedness of life. It is quite natural to take that view and apply it to everything else. A person like this, when looking at the picture above, would naturally look for the interconnectedness of all the elements of the picture because of the training of his life growing up in the wilderness.

I do not know if it is possible for modern people to see energy or learn about it without a lot of stressful changing of their life and hard work. Their world views are so warped by the unreality of modern life that they are physically incapable of the patience, focus and insight necessary to see the world around them as it truly is. They have been trained to be skeptical of everything so that even if they did by chance wonder at something, like the picture above, they would dismiss the thoughts as foolishness, because they have been told no such thing as energy exists. And they completely believe everything they are told without a doubt.

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