Man Thrusting Crotch Upwards – Energy Analysis 021

This picture is very very funny.

What is your impression when you look at this picture? There is a man leaning backwards who looks relaxed and comfortable. The man in front is covering his head with his left hand and looking downward. His right arm is held across his body in a claw like position. This man looks like this because he is experiencing the energy of the man leaning in the chair. That is too complicated to describe and will be ignored.

The woman in back is scratching her head and looking upwards. The man in the back apparently has something in his eye. His is covering one eye with a handkerchief. The other eye is closed while he does this.

What singular observation could be made about these three people? All 3 people are not looking at the man leaning back in the chair. Is that a coincidence?


The man leaning back in the chair is oblivious to his actions. Examine his posture while you examine your feelings about what is going on.

Do you have an impression? The man leaning back in the chair is leaning backwards as if he is thrusting his penis outwards. His body has the appearance of a man who is masturbating. This is what I mean.

The red drawing is meant to show the man’s penis thrusting upwards as if his hand is grabbing it for masturbation. This is what the man’s energy is doing.

What if you do not see this? What if all you see is a man leaning backwards? How can you be sure that people have energy, or that the leaning man’s energy is doing what I say?

Look at the other three people.

We can see they are all looking somewhere else besides the man leaning back in his chair. Why? What if those 3 people can see energy? What if, when they look at the man leaning in the chair, they see his penis thrusting upwards, right there in front of everyone?

Wouldn’t you be embarrassed? Wouldn’t you try to pretend you were anywhere else but in a public meeting with this man who is thrusting his penis in the air?

Wouldn’t you cover your eyes, look away, and hope that no one else noticed what was going on, or that you were friends with the man?

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