Man Riding Remote Control – Energy Analysis 018

The image that is the subject of this blog entry is shown below.

The man is behaving as if he is a cowboy riding a horse. Special effects were then used to put him on top of TV remote control so he looks like he is riding it. The man’s posture looks to be a natural one for riding a bull or a bucking bronco. The “one hand on the pommel and the other arm in the air” is the pose to use when engaged in those activities.

According to Happeh Theory, you are what you do. If an individual masturbates, their physical body will change in a specific way related to which hand they use for masturbation and the specifics of how they masturbate. Those changes will alter the way the individual sits, stands, sleeps, walks, or moves in any way because the changes alter the geometry of the body.

While the man in the picture has purposefully placed his hand where the pommel on a saddle would be, the exact angle of his arm across his body, the exact way his body is leaning towards his right, and the exact way his right hand is held, all indicate his body has been changed by right hand masturbation. All of those changes are focused on where the penis in the next picture is drawn in.

 The energy body of a human being is designed to be centered and aligned on the physical body. The energy body can move away from it’s proper position on a permanent or semi permanent basis as a result of physical activity or health problems. The energy body can also move away from it’s proper location on a temporary basis as a result of a conscious desire.

The man’s energy body is not at it’s normal location for involuntary and voluntary reasons. The man’s energy body has moved away from it’s normal location on a relatively permanent basis because of masturbation. But it is also moved away from it’s proper position on a temporary basis because of the  man’s desires. The man does not want to fall off the remote control when he leans his physical body to his right,

so he voluntarily or involuntarily moves his energy body to his left as shown in the picture below, to balance himself so he does not fall

All of the energy of a human being does not necessarily have to go in the same direction. When all of the energy of a human being goes in the same direction, the human being would move in that direction. The picture above shows the man’s energy body as being vertically erect to counteract the movement of his physical body to the right.

There is also a component of the man’s energy that goes to the right though. Right handed masturbation has made part of the man’s energy go to his right, which is what pulls the physical body down to the right.

So instead of saying “the man’s energy body is vertically erect to counteract the rightward movement of his physical body”, it could also be said ‘the man’s energy body is vertically erect to counteract the component of the man’s energy that is moving down to his right and pulling the physical body with it”.


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