Energy Manipulation Example 03

No detail of any interaction between human beings happens without a reason. Every detail of the appearance of the three men in the example picture, and every detail of the spatial location and orientation of each and every part of their body has some reason behind it.

Some of the reasons for those details will be mundane or obvious reasons that are not relevant to this series of blog entries. Other details of the appearance and spatial location and orientation of the bodies of the involved human beings will be influenced or dictated by the interaction of their energy.

An example of a mundane reason for one of the details of the interactions between the human beings in the example picture, can be found in the spatial location and orientation of the bodies of the man in the middle of the picture and the man on his right.

In order for the man in the middle to focus his eyes on the man on his right,

he rotated his head to his right.

That is a mundane and obvious kind of observation that is irrelevant to the goal of this blog, and can therefore be ignored or discarded.

The focus of this blog is on the energy interactions that are taking place between the human beings in any particular situation. Because the energy of the human body is invisible it is impossible to see energy interactions in a picture. The only way to determine what energy interactions taking place between a group of human beings are, is to observe the effects those energy interactions have on the physical body, and interpolate what type of energy manipulation would produce the observed physical changes.

That ability requires knowledge of the deep level construction characteristics of the human body and how those constructions reacts to energetic manipulation. A knowledge of how the body of a human being attempting to energetically manipulate another human being will change is helpful, but not required to determine the energy interactions taking place in any particular situation.

Examination of the example picture immediately produces two observations that indicate energy manipulation is taking place between the three men. Please take a moment to examine the eyes of the man in the middle of the picture and form an impression of how they make you feel or what they look like to you.

The man’s eyes have a wide open and glazed type of look to them. That is one of the characteristics of a human being who is being energy manipulated. Their eyes will become wide and glassy looking. This is the look that used to be referred to in the past as “being hypnotized”. Hypnotism does not get much publicity in the modern era so that reference may not mean much to some people.

While examining the man’s eyes, did you notice that his mouth is hanging slightly open?

A hanging open mouth is another sign of a human being who is being energy manipulated. Why would that be the case? Why would wide open eyes and a hanging open mouth indicate energy manipulation of the body by an outside source?

The answer is quite simple if you consider it for a second. Under what circumstance would the man’s eyes and mouth hang open? The man would either open his eyes and mouth because he wants to, his eyes and mouth could be open because the man forgot to shut them, his eyes and mouth could be open because he knows their are open but doesn’t care enough to close them, or the man’s eyes and mouth could be hanging open because he has lost the physical ability to close them.

Isn’t it true that if the man in the middle lost bodily control, perhaps he was given some kind of anesthesia, his eyes and mouth would open because he could not make them close?

So the obvious and common sense reason why wide open, glazed eyes, and a wide open mouth are both signs a particular human being is under the influence of energy manipulation, is that energy manipulation removes the ability or desire of the manipulated human being to close their mouth and eyes

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