Black In The Face – Example 15

“Black In The Face” is a term used to describe the energy distribution visible in the face of a human being. The ideal human face should have an even distribution of energy across it’s entire surface. An even distribution of energy across the face would be associated with both good health and a balanced body.

Very generally, there are two causes that will produce the darkening of the face that is called “Black In The Face”. Any type of permanent or temporary health problem will cause a darkening of the face, and both temporary or permanent tightening of the head and body will cause a darkening of the face. The part of the face that becomes dark is directly related to the health problem affecting the individual, or directly related to the part of the head and body that has become tight.

Here is the example picture for this blog entry.

The line in the next picture follows the boundary between the light and dark areas of the man’s face.

While this example of “Black In The Face” has been influenced by the age of the man, the effects on his body are majority caused by Right Hand Masturbation. Right Hand Masturbation shrank the right side of the body in the area between the two lines in the next picture.

That shrinkage extends up around the back of the head to the left side of the head,

then reaches across the left side of the face and encloses the left eye.

Because the right side of the body and head are shrunken, they cannot stabilize the right side of the head. That allows the left side of the head to pull on the right side and make it rotate to the left,

as well as tilt to the left. 

This is a severe case of “Black In The Face”. The observation leading to that conclusion is the extremely dark area by the left eye.

That particular location, and it’s twin in the same location on the right side of the face, are both strongly impacted by masturbation because of the way the human body is constructed, and the effect of masturbation on that construction.


    1. They have been mainly influenced by Physics, Engineering, Kung Fu, Dancing, Drumming, New Age Philosophy, Chinese Medicine Theory, Yin Yang Theory, People of Different Cultures, and Need.

      They have been subtly influenced by a lifetime of reading, exposure to the limitless knowledge and experience available at college, and a myriad of personal experiences that would be impossible to recount.

    1. Black In The Face describes the….amount of energy coming through the face. An area of the face that looks dark, that is not transmitting very much energy, does not have to be dark for reasons of ill health.

      Any area of the body that becomes hard will be more opaque to the energy of the body than softer areas will be. That is why cancers will show up where the body is hard. The energy of the body has a very hard time penetrating the hard area

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