Black In The Face – Example 14

“Black In The Face” is a term used to describe the energy distribution visible in the face of a human being. The ideal human face should have an even distribution of energy across it’s entire surface. An even distribution of energy across the face would be associated with both good health and a balanced body.

Very generally, there are two causes that will produce the darkening of the face that is called “Black In The Face”. Any type of permanent or temporary health problem will cause a darkening of the face, and both temporary or permanent tightening of the head and body will cause a darkening of the face. The part of the face that becomes dark is directly related to the health problem affecting the individual, or directly related to the part of the head and body that has become tight.

The example picture for this blog entry is shown below.

The line in the next picture approximately follows the boundary between the bright left side of the face and the dark “Right Side Black In The Face”.

This man has Excessive Exercise caused “Right Side Black In The Face”. It should not be surprising that Excessive Exercise causes “Black In The Face”, because exercise involved contraction of the body, and “Black In The Face has been described as being caused by contraction or shrinkage of the body.

Excessive Exercise caused “Black In The Face” examples are useful because the exercise the person is engaged is usually easy to connect to the location where “Black In The Face” appears. This professional fight for instance is most likely right handed, and he is holding his contracted right fist up by his “Right Side Black In The Face”.

It seems intuitive that the contraction of the right fist is connected to the contraction of the right side of the head. 

The man’s body is angled towards the camera. An intriguing observation is that if the boundary line on the face is extended downwards along the same path, that line divides the main part of the body from the right arm and right chest.

That is not a coincidence. The type of contraction being exerted on his body both by making a fist with his right hand and by the constant training he does with his right hand contracts and shrinks the entire right side of the body on the right of the boundary line.

The contraction and shrinkage of the right side of the man’s body will alter the way he moves. The man will tend to stick out or lead all of his movements with the part of his body that is shrunken. Since it is the right side of this head that is shrunken, the man will tend to lead with the right side of his head.

Because this man is a professional fighter, sticking out the right side of his head is not a good idea. From the perspective of his opponents, the man will look like he is sticking the right side of his head out as a target. And because the right side of the head is sticking out it is closer to the opponent, why wouldn’t the opponent hit the closest target on the man’s body?

Actually, the man in the example picture needs to be hit on the right side of the face or head. That is because it is not good for the body to be hard. Energy has difficulty flowing through hard areas of the body. Areas of the body with incorrect energy flow will almost always develop a health problem.

To counteract that eventuality, without the man consciously being aware of it, his body will act in ways that will cause strong forces to impact that hard areas of the body, in the hopes of loosening them up so that energy can flow freely through them. Which is exactly what happened to the man in one of his fights, with some very dramatic results.

The man kept sticking out the hard, contracted, and shrunken “Right Side Black In The Face”, partly because it is natural for his changed body to lead with the right, and partly because as described above, his body wanted to get hit where it was hard in the hopes of softening it up so energy could flow through it again. The hard part of the head being referred to is highlighted in the next picture.

Eventually his body got what it wanted. The man looked like he purposefully put himself in a position to get kicked in the right side of the head right on the hard spot, so that is what his opponent did. His opponent kicked him square on the hard spot on the right side of his head.  

Because the kick hit exactly where the man’s body wanted to be hit, there was quite a dramatic reaction. A gigantic bump swelled up on the spot.

That huge bump indicates the man was shocked so severely right where he needed to be shocked, that his personality, body movements, mentality, emotional characteristics, and every other characteristic about him will change in some way. In many cases after being hit exactly where their body wanted to be hit, the fighters will end up quitting professional fighting.

That is because they never really wanted to be professional fighters in the first place. Their body wanted and needed a severe type of physical stimulation that could only be applied by another man who was skilled enough to attack the right spot, and strong enough to hit that spot with enough force to change the area, so it no longer wanted or needed to be shocked by a strong physical impact. 

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