Black In The Face – Example 13

“Black In The Face” is a term used to describe the energy distribution visible in the face of a human being. The ideal human face should have an even distribution of energy across it’s entire surface. An even distribution of energy across the face would be associated with both good health and a balanced body.

Very generally, there are two causes that will produce the darkening of the face that is called “Black In The Face”. Any type of permanent or temporary health problem will cause a darkening of the face, and both temporary or permanent tightening of the head and body will cause a darkening of the face. The part of the face that becomes dark is directly related to the health problem affecting the individual, or directly related to the part of the head and body that has become tight.

The example picture for this blog entry is shown next.

The reader might be confused because they see little or no dark areas on either man’s face that could be labeled “Black In The Face”. There is no reason to be confused. There is very little or no “Black In The Face” in either man.

The purpose of including this picture in the “Black In The Face” series is to give the reader a chance to see what a healthy human being with no shrinkage or contraction caused “Black In The Face” looks like. The head of the man on the left looks large, full, and has a rounded shape,

while the head of the man on the right is large, full and more squarish.

These two example men would support an initial conclusion that a healthy human face and head is large and full or fat looking.

Why are the men’s heads large and full or fat looking with no “Black In The Face”? That question has one immediate answer, and another answer that is possibly just as immediately noticeable to some readers. The immediate answer to the question “Why are the men’s heads large, full, and healthy looking”, is that they are military men. Part of military training is lots of physical activity. Physical activity is associated with good health, so if the men exercised alot, then it is expected they should look very healthy. 

The other answer that may or may not be immediate, depending on the reader, is that both men are Chinese. Chinese culture is based on what is called Yin Yang Theory. Yin Yang Theory provides knowledge about the body that can be used to increase the health and well being of a person in a way that people who are unaware of Yin Yang Theory cannot do.

One way that Yin Yang Theory has affected Chinese culture is in the development of Hand To Hand Combat techniques. The Chinese are well known for what is commonly called “Kung Fu”. Kung Fu is based on Yin Yang Principles, which means the practice of Kung Fu will change the body of the practitioner in a way that will make them extremely healthy and full of energy.

Since both of the example men are military men, and military men are involved in fighting, it seems obvious that both men must be trained in Kung Fu. It is probable their training in Kung Fu is more responsible for the large, full look of their heads than any other factor.

The reader who is interested in this subject should spend some time with this picture because the man on the right in the brown jacket has an almost perfect head. Become aware of how that perfect head is related to every other part of his body. Then compare that almost perfect head and body to the other man, whose head and body are only slightly less perfect.

The diligent reader who does a thorough examination and comparison of both men should begin to gain an awareness of the what areas of the body are connected to which parts of the head. That knowledge will help them in the future to judge strangers that they meet. If the reader meets someone like the man in the brown suit, they will know he is healthy, strong, and probably very dangerous because he has had Kung Fu training.

The reader should also keep in mind that the Chinese are completely cognizant of everything that has been said in this particular “Black In The Face” blog entry, and every other “Black In The Face” blog entry. That is why the man in the green is the subordinate and the man in the brown is the superior.

Because the man in the brown has an almost perfectly round, large, full head, people who are aware of the knowledge behind “Black In The Face”, like the Chinese people, know that this man is healthy, mentally strong, and a superior kind of human being without even talking to him. All they have to do is see the big head and it’s relationship to his body and they immediately know he is a superior human being.

That same knowledge tells the person who is aware of it that the man in the green, because of the slightly irregular shape to his head and the way it is related to his body, even though his head is large and full and he is a healthy and strong man, he is not as superior an example of a human being as the man in the brown.

If a picture of these two men were taken while they were wearing some other kind of clothing that did not indicate their relative status, and they were not posed in a way that revealed their status or relationship to each other, people aware of the knowledge that lays behind “Black In The Face” could still look at these two men and immediately know the man with the square, slightly irregular head is the inferior man, while the man with the smooth rounded head is the superior man. 

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