Black In The Face – Example 03

“Black In The Face” is a term used to describe the energy distribution visible in the face of a human being. The ideal human face should have an even distribution of energy across it’s entire surface. An even distribution of energy across the face would be associated with both good health and a balanced body.

Very generally, there are two causes that will produce the darkening of the face that is called “Black In The Face”. Any type of permanent or temporary health problem will cause a darkening of the face, and both temporary or permanent tightening of the head and body will cause a darkening of the face. The part of the face that becomes dark is directly related to the health problem affecting the individual, or directly related to the part of the head and body that has become tight.

The example picture for this blog entry is shown next.

This is an example of permanent contraction of the body caused left side Black In The Face.  The line in the next picture highlights the boundary between the bright right side of the face and the darker left side Black In The Face.

While the man’s hands are clasped which could be interpreted as temporarily contracting the body, the look of the arms and hands is relaxed. They do not look as if they are under anything more than the least amount of force necessary to hold them in place.

The permanent contraction of the man’s body can be seen if the reader is observant. The left side of the face actually looks shrunken and smaller than the right side of the face.

The shoulder on the permanently contracted left side of the body is shrunken lower in height than the right shoulder.

The shrinkage of the left side of the body alters the Geometry of the entire left side of the body. The left elbow is further away from the body,

than the right elbow,

because the lower left shoulder,

makes the angle of the shrunken left arm different from the angle of the right arm.

The same Geometry changes have moved the knee of the man’s shrunken left leg further away from his body,

than his unchanged right knee.

The circle in the next picture approximately follows the extremely shrunken left part of the body that is responsible for all of the bodily changes that have been pointed out.

The man’s head and torso exactly where the line is on his body are severely shrunken.

That circle travels directly under the left knee indicating the area under the left knee is severely shrunken.

While the areas where the yellow circle intersects the body highlight extremely shrunken parts of the body, all of the body within that circle has undergone some amount of shrinkage.

More detail of the shrinkage of that area can be gained by drawing another circle on the picture,

The left forearm where the new circle intersects it,

and  the upper arm where the new circle intersects it,

are also severely shrunken like the area under left knee.

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