Dinosaur / Alien Skulls and the Skullcap / Kippa – Part 02

A previous blog entry made the connection between a skull said to be of alien/dinosaur origin,


and a type of headwear called a “Kippa” that is associated with Jewish culture.

According to this blog entry, there is a connection between the alien/dinosaur skull, the Kippa, and the practice of male circumcision, which is the act of removing the foreskin from the penis.

According to Happeh Theory, male circumcision is a plot to impede or prevent men from evolving into higher level human beings. Circumcision accomplishes that goal by removing the foreskin on the penis, which removes one of the major stimuli designed into the human body to assist it in moving to a higher plane of existence.

The rubbing of the foreskin over the penis. 

Without the stimulus provided by the movement of the foreskin over the penis, it is more difficult and less likely for a given human male to change into a higher level being. Human beings with no foreskin would tend to be “lower level” human beings, who would be susceptible to control by higher level human beings who had gained the abilities characteristic of those higher levels of existence.

According to Happeh Theory, the people behind this plot are members of the Jewish race. That claim seems easily debunked because one of the traditions of Jewish culture is circumcision. If circumcision really does make men weak and easy to control, why would Jewish people make their own men weak and easy to control by circumcising them?

It seems so nonsensical for a race to weaken it’s male members, that no other reason is needed to refute the claim “members of the Jewish race are behind the plot to circumcise males”.

Actually an individual making members of their own group weak is not as unbelievable as it might seem initially. In your own life experience have you ever met a person or people who would do anything to control everyone else? Or take what everyone else has for themselves?

According to Happeh Theory it is those type of people who would be willing to make the other members of the Jewish race weak and easy to control. Some individual or group of individuals who felt the need to dominate all Jewish culture, would perform actions that would make the other members of the Jewish culture weak and easy to control.

The plotters are not shortsighted or stupid, as their actions might lead one to believe. They are fully aware that purposefully weakening the males of their race would leave them defenseless, and would also leave them with no one who was capable of putting their plots into action. The plotters knew they needed strong men to defend the tribe and strong men to act as agents in their plots. 

The plotters solved that problem by developing an artificial method of stimulating a human body into a particular type of higher level human being. They invented a type of headwear called a “Kippa” and made it an important part of the Jewish culture. Because the wearing of the Kippa was an important part of Jewish culture, even men would did not want or like to wear the Kippa would do so to avoid social condemnation.

All of those men would become stronger human beings whose strength would be largely determined by the amount of time and effort they put into wearing a Kippa. These stronger men would be able to defend the tribe and act as agents for the plotters, even though they had been circumcised.

How does a Kippa stimulate a human body to a higher level of existence? By guiding and focusing the head to grow in a particular way.

  The centerline of the Kippa on a human head is shown in this picture.

The centerline of the alien/dinosaur skull is shown in this picture.

The centerline through a Kippa on a human head and the centerline of the alien/dinosaur skull travel diagonally at a similar angle.

The similarity between the centerlines indicates a connection between the alien/dinosaur skull and modern humans.

The next picture shows a Kippa like shape drawn on the top of the alien/dinosaur skull compared to the Kippa on the human head.

The Kippa like shape fits the top of the alien skull almost perfectly.

So why does making the head oblong like the alien/dinosaur skull qualify a human being as a higher level human being? In real world terms an oblong type of skull is associated with particular strengths.

On a more simple and instinctive level, think about how big the brain inside of that alien/dinosaur skull must have been. It seems like common sense that a brain that big must be a superior kind of brain. If that were true, and wearing a Kippa gives a human being an oblong shaped head, it seems like the brain in that type of human head ought to have something in common with the brain in the alien/dinosaur skull. Like superior abilities for example.

Some people might feel it is silly to compare a skull of unknown origin that is being treated as an alien/dinosaur skull, to a human skull and make any kind of believable statements about the two being related in any way. If it cannot even be proved the alien/dinosaur skull really is an alien/dinosaur skull, then nothing based on the premise it is an alien/dinosaur skull can possibly be true.

Those people will want to pay special attention to the following series of pictures, which show a present day living human being with a skull shape similar to the alien/dinosaur skull. Here is a picture of one of those human beings.

The next picture compares the alien/dinosaur skull to a picture of the man above, but from a different angle and in a different setting.

If the alien/dinosaur skull and the skull of the human being are sized to a similar scale,

the alien/dinosaur skull can be superimposed over the human skull, 

where it highlights the similar oblong shape of both skulls,

and the similar centerline angle both skulls have.

The following picture compares the Kippa shape drawn on the top of the alien/dinosaur skull to the Kippa shape on the human head to reinforce how natural looking the fit of the Kippa on the top of alien/dinosaur head is.

While some human beings naturally grow an elongated oblong shaped head, according to Hapeh Theory a human being can develop or strengthen an already existent oblong shaped head by wearing a Kippa. That is the true purpose of the Kippa according to Happeh Theory. The Kippa is not a piece of apparel worn only for traditional or religious reasons.

How does the Kippa impart an oblong shape to a human head?

By placing the Kippa over the back of the head instead of the top of the head, the human being is subtly influenced to believe the centerline of their head is at an angle through the back of the head,

instead of vertically up and down on the same centerline as the body.

After the human being has been trained the angular centerline of the head is at an angle, their head will begin to form around that angular centerline and grow until the head looks angular,

with a dome on the back of the it like the alien/dinosaur skull.

The alien/dinosaur skull used in this discussion was discovered in South America. The example man in the previous pictures is also from South America. Doesn’t it seem within the realm of possibility that the man in the picture and other human beings with skulls like his are descended from or related to whatever creature it is that belongs to the alien/dinosaur skull?

It was stated an oblong skull was associated with a superior type of human being with characteristics that un-elevated human beings do not possess. One of those characteristics is a particular type of strength that is different from other types of bodily strength.

The example man is an example of that characteristic of oblong skulled human beings. He was a championship fighter who was unbeaten for many years. He employed a very distinctive fighting style that is naturally used by people with oblong skulls.

All of that supposition and claiming about the Kippa changing a human head into a certain shape might be hard to accept, even with the all of the accompanying images. There is one final observation about the example man’s head that makes it very hard to ignore the claim the Kippa can stimulate the growth of the human skull in a particular way.

If you look closely at the top of the example man’s head,

it is possible to see what looks like an outline in the shape of a Kippa.

Here is a comparison between the natural line on the fighter’s head and the boundary of a Kippa on the head.

The next series of images compares the line on the fighter’s head from different camera angles, to highlight how the area above the boundary line on the fighter’s head looks like the Kippa on the praying man’s head a Kippa shape covering the top of the alien/dinosaur skill.

In the next picture an actual Kippa is superimposed on the skull of the alien/dinosaur, and each picture of the example man so it aligns with the line circling his scalp.

Nice fit huh?


  1. The author of this article really isn’t qualified to speak of brains until he demonstrates that he has one. This article is proof positive that, while Jews still possess about 90% of the world’s brainpower, the remaining 10% has eluded people who believe this anti-Semitic rot.

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