Aliens and Royalty

The picture below is of a skull that was discovered in South America.

No one knows where the skull came from. There is a theory that the skull is the result of purposeful deformation attained by tying a board to the head of a child. As the child grows the soft child’s skull supposedly deforms into the shape seen in the picture.

That theory is ridiculous. Anyone examining the skull can see there is no possible way a normal human skull could be deformed by that amount. The skull has to be from some kind of creature.

The blog title has the word “aliens” in it because some people believe the skull is the skull of some alien creature from outer space. There are also theories that the skull is the skull of some kind of dinosaur. Possibly some kind of reptile that had a human like intelligence.

It really doesn’t matter where the skull came from. What matters is that the skull is different from a human skull, the skull seems to be natural as in it came from a creature that was actually alive at some time, and the skull was found in South America.

According to Happeh Theory, that skull is the skull of some kind of intelligent creature, alien, dinosaur, reptile, or something else. And according to Happeh Theory, human beings either knew about these creatures, had some kind of contact with these creatures, or possibly even mated with these creatures.

What is the basis for those claims? The shape of the alien skull can be found in various places in human history. Various clues and relics from human history point to the conclusion human beings venerated whatever creature it was that had a skull like the one in the picture.

Why would human beings venerate, worship, or look up to a creature with a skull like the one in the picture? The creature must have been superior in some way. It must have been strong, it must have been intelligent, or perhaps it even had technology if it really was an alien.

What is one of the reactions of human beings towards something superior? Human beings will try to emulate something that is superior. Regular people might emulate a King, a Queen, a President, or a Prime Minister, since they are supposed to be superior people.

According to Happeh Theory, the human race has not forgotten whatever creature it was that had a skull like the one in the picture. And whatever it was that had a skull like the one in the picture was not limited to South America. According to Happeh Theory, there is evidence today of the human knowledge of whatever creature it was that had a skull like the one shown in the picture.

Please examine the following photograph.

The picture shows important people at a meeting of some kind. Did you notice anything in the picture that pertains to this blog entry? What about the woman in the middle of the picture?

The woman is a member of Royalty. It was previously stated that human beings will emulate things they consider to be superior, and that the creature that belongs to the skull in the picture seems to have been treated by human beings as being superior to human beings. Keeping those two facts in mind, please examine the woman again for something pertinent to this blog entry.

The woman’s hair has been made up in such a way that the woman’s hair and skull look like the alien skull.

That human female’s head looks completely different from the head of the other human female in the picture. There is no extension behind the head of the other human female in the picture.

According to Happeh Theory, there are two possibilities to explain the alien head shape of the white haired woman.

(1) – One is that the woman has emulated the look of the alien skull because at some time in history the human race venerated the creatures who had the alien skull. The woman wants people to venerate her the way they venerated the creatures with that skull, so she has had her hair done up in a way that makes her skull and hair look like the alien skull.

(2) – The second possibility is that the woman is one of the alien creatures, one of the alien creatures descendants, or an offspring of an alien and a human being. One of those possibilities is more likely because of the woman’s face. Just fixing the woman’s hair to look like the alien skull would not be enough to complete the illusion. The woman’s face must look similar to the alien’s face for the addition of the hairstyle to complete the alien skull illusion.


Some readers may find this blog entry far fetched. The reader who is skeptical about the discussion in this blog entry will want to hang around long enough to look at the next picture.

The next picture compares the alien skull to the human being.

The human skull has a long protrusion extending out of the back like the alien skull does.

The human being in the picture is King Tutankhamen of Egypt. Or a computer recreation of him anyways. Scientists took the mummy of King Tutankhamen and used a computer to recreate what his skull looked like. And it looked like it had a big thing sticking out of the back.

What if the Royal woman who is alive right now today had a big thing sticking out of the back of her skull like dead King Tutankhamen or the dead alien? Could you tell with her hair?

Maybe instead of having her hair made up so her hair and head look like the alien skull, the woman’s skull really does look like King Tutankhamen’s skull with a thing sticking out of the back of it, so her hair is made up that way to hide the big lump sticking out of the back of her head?

Doesn’t it seem coincidental that a Royal King of Egypt and a Royal Woman of Europe both appear to have skulls like the alien skull?

Could it really be a coincidence that two leaders of human societies just happen to have skulls that look like a skull that no one seems to know what it belongs to?

Or maybe someone does know who that skull belongs to. But they say they don’t because they don’t want the modern public to realize that those creatures or their descendants are the leaders of human society.


  1. Ehmmm, the skull you are talking about is human, not from a dinosaur!
    There many of these skulls all around the World, BTW.

  2. Right and wrong!

    The skull you see has the possibility of being human. The Mangbetu people of Congo have until recently been conducting a practise of head elongation. This is proof ..not coincidence of a connection between African people and ancient Egypt….(try as they might to portray king Tut as Cucasian)

    Allow me to direct you to the work of an Egyptologist by the name of Cheikh Anta Diop. A lot of his work is n French, but there are translations of his work. Its well researched, without touching on controversial issues such as Reptilians.

    He makes reference to the elongation of heads in this interview (start with part 1, but it is somewhere in the other parts)

    Secondly, a Zulu Shaman called Credo Mutwa mentions in passing of an experience he had ,among the Mangbetu people. He asked them “why do you put children through such suffering the point of them experiencing headaches?”…”Because that is the shape of the gods” he was told….the interview was by David Icke on a dvd called….wait for it… ‘The reptilian Agenda’…

    so yes, the Other creatures you mention could be real, but that is yet to be proven…the proof of head elongation is there for all to see however. google ‘Mangbetu’ and ee what images you get.

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